The method of implementation (MOI) specifies the test procedures for USB Type-C cable assembly compliance tests using the M937xA PXIe vector network analyzer (VNA). The state files and the setup program are also available for quick and easy setup and measurements.
All ports of the M937xA in a multiport configuration are fully synchronous and measured simultaneously, so you can quickly perform a 12-port S-parameter measurement required per compliance tests. All measurement parameters can be obtained with a single cable connection by using the multiport VNA.

Revision Number


Measurement Parameters

  • D+/D- Impedance
  • D+/D- Propagation Delay
  • D+/D- Intra-pair Skew
  • Differential Impedance
  • [Low Speed Signal] Characteristic Impedance
  • D+/D- Pair Attenuation
  • ILfitatNq, IMR, IXT, IRL, Differential to Common Mode Conversion
  • Shielding Effectiveness
  • Insertion Loss
  • Return Loss
  • NEXT/FEXT between Gen2 Pairs
  • NEXT/FEXT between D+/D- and Gen2 Pairs
  • [Low Speed Signal] Crosstalk, VBUS Loop L/C, Coupling Factor
Measurement Image