How to Download

  1. Click the Download button, enter your required information, and then click Download again.

How to Install

  1. Download the Firmware Update file (.KSLU) on this page and save the file to a known location.
  2. Open the SL1200A Software Front Panel (SFP) on your PC.
  3. Within the SL1200A SFP, click on "Tools" then "Network Settings and Firmware Update". The SL1200A Utility will open in a new window.
  4. Within the SL1200A Utility, choose the system to be updated from the list of configured systems. If a system has not been configured yet, please refer to the User's Guide.
  5. Click on the "Firmware Update" table, then click "Browse" and locate the firmware (.KSLU) file.
  6. Click "Start update". Update confirmation message will appear.
  7.  Click "Yes" to proceed with the update.


  • Does not require a license.

Installs on: SL1200A Series


Supported Instruments