• New Phased Array Beamforming Kit that extends the convenient SystemVue Cockpit for Baseband-RF co-design for use with high-order phased arrays
  • Dynamic 2D and 3D plotting, previously only possible with the 89600 VSA software
  • Improvements to nearly every SystemVue add-on library
  • FPGA flow support for the latest Xilinx and Altera families, and Keysight instruments


SystemVue ESL SoftwareThe SystemVue 2016.08 release now includes dynamic plotting, and provides many improvements to the core platform, design flows, and add-on libraries. Details are listed in the tables below.

Core Platform

Core Platform (W1461BP/BT) Improvements
Dynamic Plotting
  • Native, dynamically-updating visualization enables run-time tuning, during a streaming dataflow simulation.
General UI
  • Filter Design Tool updated for complex-valued envelope filters, and SDATA blocks
  • (optional) integration support available for AGI STK 11.0 and automated “soft front panels”.

Design Flows

Design Flows
Flow Model Numbers Desciption
FPGA W1717EP/ET SystemVue Hardware Design Kit:
  • FPGA Development Kit extended to M9703A/B and U5303A instruments
  • HIL support extended to Virtex 7 development boards (cuh as VC-707)
  • Integration of the latest versions of Altera Quartus II and Xilinx Vivado
C++ Code Generation W1718EP/ET SystemVue C++ Code Generator:
  • C++ ModelBuilder interface updated to MS Visual Studio 2013
RF System W1719EP/ET SystemVue RF System Design Kit:
  • Support for frequency response, PAE calculations, and component-level noise temperature
  • Support for “SysParameters” and X-parameter libraries from MiniCircuits and Analog Devices
  • Integration with the new W1720 Phased Array Beamforming Kit
Phased Array / Beamforming W1720EP/ET Phased Array beamforming Kit:
  • Extends Dataflow simulator (W1461) for phased array design and measurements
  • Extends Spectrasys simulator (W1719) for phased array design and measurements
  • Improves RF_LINK to re-use RF arrays at the dynamic, system beamforming level

Libraries & Applications

Libraries & Applications
Application Model Number Description
5G W1906BP/BT 5G Baseband Verification Library: 
  • Includes updates from Dec 2015 release of library
  • Now includes the new W1720 Phased Array Beamforming Kit 
Radar W1905EP/ET  SystemVue Radar Model Library:
  • Adds PDW download to N9140A UXG for Electronic Warfare applications
  • Now includes the new W1720 Phased Array Beamforming Kit
  • support of new models, templates, EW applications
Digital Modem / Satellite W1902EP/ET SystemVue Digital Modem Library: 
  • Added support for LDPC coding/decoding 
LTE-A (4G) W1918EP/ET  LTE-Advanced Baseband Verification Library: 
  • Adds support for 256 QAM, Extended Cyclical Prefix, closed-loop TM4, and MMSE-IRC spatial multiplexing (through 3GPP Release 13.2.0)
  • Adds new sub-library and examples for NB-IoT 
WLAN W1917EP/ET WLAN Baseband Verification Library:
  • Adds new sub-libraries and example support for 802.11ah and 802.11p
SerDes / AMI Generation  W1713EP/ET
SerDes Model Library and IBIS-AMI Model Generation:
  • Improved model-development flow for Repeaters/Re-timers, custom C++ models, and PAM4 keywords (per the IBIS-AMI 6.0 specification)
Consulting Services E4927A Updates to Consulting Services libraries:
  • DVB-S2X library (also includes support for DVB-S2)
  • DOCSIS 3.1 library
  • Integration with STK 11.0, from Analytical Graphics
  • Integration with 5G Channel Sounding reference solution) 

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