• “MATLAB Script” engine from Mathworks upgrades previous “mathlang” equation parser
  • New 5G library, plus updates to nearly all libraries & add-ons
  • Expanded simulation, library, and instrument support for wide bandwidth systems, especially 5G, Satellite, and Radar
  • FPGA programming interface for the M9703A real-time digitizer
  • Updates to modeling interfaces for Visual C++ 2012, SystemC


SystemVue ESL SoftwareThe SystemVue 2015.01 release now integrates “MATLAB Script”, a module from MathWorks that executes MATLAB models from within SystemVue, replacing the previous “mathlang” infrastructure. GUI adjustments align SystemVue 2015.01 to be more consistent with the popular MATLAB Use Model, when working with algorithms. SystemVue 2015.01 also provides many other improvements to the core platform, design flows, and add-on libraries.

Key Updates with this Release of SystemVue

Some of the additional key updates provided in SystemVue 2015.01 include core platform improvements, design flows and libraries & applications. Details are listed in the tables below.

Core Platform (W1461BP/BT) Improvements
MATLAB Script integration Equation module from MathWorks that executes MATLAB code consistent with locally-licensed copies of MATLAB. Included in SV 2015.01 as a support upgrade.
3D Plotting Native 3D Data and Visualization (DAV) module for radar DSP and beamforming
Instrument links
  • M9703 Digitizer FPGA programming
  • 4x4 MIMO support for M9381A modular VSG and M9391A/9393A modular VSA
  • N9040B UXA 510Mhz wide spectrum analyzer
  • M8195 AWG (63 Gs/s) – new instrument family
  • External automation of the SystemVue “Waveform Sequence Composer” feature using the Windows API and a programming language, such as C#. This feature is often used in Radar/EW applications for scenario generation.
Design Flows
Flow Model Numbers Desciption
FPGA W1717EP/ET SystemVue Hardware Design Kit - FPGA Development Kit for creating real-time T&M applications using the M9703 wideband 8-channel digitizer
C++ Code Generation W1718EP/ET SystemVue C++ Code Generator - C++ ModelBuilder interface updated to MS Visual Studio 2012
RF System W1719EP/ET

SystemVue RF System Design Kit

  • ACPR, EVM, BER budget estimation for modulated RF
  • AM/AM and AM/PM modeling for amplifiers, consistent with ADS behavioral PA models
 Libraries & Applications
Application Model Number Description
5G W1906BEL 5G Baseband Exploration Library: New library product to assist pre-5G investigations and research
5G W1907BP/BT 5G Forward Baseband Verification Bundle: New library product to assist pre-5G investigations and research
Distributed Computing W1712EP/ET SystemVue Distributed Computing 8-pack – support for Univa Grid
SerDes / AMI Generation W1713EP/ET

SerDes Model Library and W1714 AMI Generation: VCSEL, SDATA, Pulse shaping, other model improvements

MIMO W1715EP/ET SystemVue MIMO Channel Builder: 3D WINNER+ propagation
DPD W1716EP/ET SystemVue Digital Pre-Distortion Builder: Adds support for new Dual-band DPD modeling and extraction algorithms, which linearize handset PA’s simultaneously in different wireless bands.
Digital Modem / Satellite W1902EP/ET

SystemVue Digital Modem Library (primarily satellite): Reference RX with EQ/BER for 7 more modulations (25 out of 41 formats now perform BER with T&M)

Radar W1905EP/ET

SystemVue Radar Model Library:

  • Antenna model – EMPro file import , polarization
  • Dozens of new models, templates, EW applications
WLAN W1917EP/ET WLAN Baseband Verification Library: Adds support for Low-Energy Bluetooth 4.1 (BLE)
LTE-A W1918EP/ET LTE-Advanced Baseband Verification Library: AMC, CoMP and other Rel 11/12 features
DOCSIS 3.1 E4927A

DOCSIS 3.1: Up/Downstream, Coding (also available separately).

Note: For more information, refer to Keysight Technologies publication number 5992-0058EN, SystemVue Consulting Services DOCSIS 3.1 Baseband Verification Library.

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