PathWave System Design (SystemVue) 2021 is a major update release with the addition or enhancement of these key capabilities:

  • Phased array enhancements for antenna modeling, channel-specific amplifier parameters, improved X-parameter support, and a simplified user interface
  • *NEW* RF modeling improvements for importing PCB layout effects, amplifier behavioral modeling, and zero-IF architectures
  • Dataflow enhancements for noise modeling in converters and oscillators
  • *NEW* multiple envelope dataflow analysis for modeling broadband signals and interferers
  • Updated Radar and EW examples
  • *NEW* API link to ADS and GoldenGate for Virtual Test Benches (VTBs)
  • *NEW* Python scripting for both internal coding and external control
  • Library updates for 5G NR (Release 16) and Bluetooth (5.2)
  • Updates to 89600 VSA software support

PathWave System Design (SystemVue) 2021 is available now!


PathWave System DesignPathWave System Design (SystemVue) 2021 is a major update release. It continues the focused effort to make system simulation usable by all levels of system engineers by connecting circuit design, RF system design, baseband design, and hardware test together in a single platform. It further advances phased array analysis including accurate antenna and RF modeling and improved speed. It offers updated platform capabilities and connections to other enterprise tools as well as enhanced features for Radar and EW, Cellular, and WiFi system designers.

Phased array antenna enhancements

  • Sum-of-powers technique offers up to 10x speed improvement on high-density arrays
    • Regions of fine resolution can be specified for enhanced accuracy
  • Far Field IO (FFIO) format for direct antenna pattern import from EMPro/RFPro
    • Includes frequency dependent element patterns, coupling matrices
  • Sub-array architectures and array scaling from EM S-parameter subset
    • Patent-pending technique for simulation of large arrays with minimum EM data
    • Custom mapping of element patterns
    • Multi-beam antenna pattern support

Phased Array enhancements for directivity and sub-arrays

Figure 1. Phased Array enhancements for directivity and sub-arrays.

Phased array channel-specific amplifier parameters

  • Supports diversity of channel noise and distortion, including tapering

EM_Link: RF Board-level impairments from PCB designs

  • Import PCB designs into RFPro and then bring EM results easily into SystemVue
  • Adds board-level impairment to RF system simulation

PCB board-level impairment modeling

Figure 2. PCB board-level impairment modeling.

Multiple Envelope in Dataflow

  • Allows for multiple signals at different frequencies without sampling the entire spectrum
  • Correlates spurious out-of-band signals with Spectrasys RF results
  • Models amplifier harmonics and high-order intermodulation distortion

Multiple-envelope simulation in Dataflow for mixers and amplifiers

Figure 3. Multiple-envelope simulation in Dataflow for mixers (top) and amplifiers (bottom).

Radar/EW – New and Updated Examples for EW

  • Examples included for Electronic Support Measures (ESM), Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) and Electronic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM)

Updated frequency hopping EW example

Figure 4. Updated frequency hopping EW example.

Platform updates for VTBs, Baseband_Link, and Python

  • Virtual Test Benches in ADS and GoldenGate can now update their version of SystemVue
  • Baseband_Link for Matlab users to control SystemVue workspaces now supported on Linux
  • Python is now supported for internal scripting and external control of simulations and post processing data

Python support for internal scripting and external control

Figure 5. Python support for internal scripting and external control.

Cellular and Wireless Updates

  • 5G and Cellular Library
    • Updated to 5G NR Release 16
    • DPD VTB support for ETM 1, 2, and 3
    • Connectivity to 3rd party channel modeling tools
  • WiFi and Connectivity
    • 802.11ax VTB and DPD updates
    • Bluetooth updated to BTLE version 5.2
  • VSA 89600 Software
    • Update to VSA 2020 U1.0
    • VSA setup generation for 5G NR Release 16.1.0

VSA visualization for 5G NR demodulation

Figure 6. VSA visualization for 5G NR demodulation.

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