The Genesys 2014.03 product release includes:

  • Modulated RF Analysis
  • Direct Filter Synthesis Technology with Network Transforms
  • X-Parameter Model Library
  • Updated Murata, Coilcraft and TDK Libraries
  • New Momentum meshing & simulation engine
  • New 3D interactive layout viewer with connectivity check


Genesys RF and Microwave Design SoftwareGenesys 2014.03 is the most affordable RF simulation and circuit synthesis software in the industry. This release adds breakthrough modulated RF analysis and direct filter synthesis enhancements that are unmatched by competitive tools costing up to 3x times more.

Modulated RF Analysis

As digital modulated RF signals take over traditional analog RF signals in today’s consumer and defense wireless applications, the new Modulated RF analysis of circuits and systems enable RF designers to stay relevant with the industry. This breakthrough capability includes:

  • Fast Budget Analysis of EVM, BER and ACPR - Unlike simulators which only give single value results for error vector magnitude (EVM), bit error rate (BER) or adjacent channel power ration (ACPR) for a cascaded system chain, Genesys 2014 delivers breakthrough system budget analysis of these digital modulation metrics for each system block in a single pass. The result is the unprecedented ability to instantly identify the culprit components causing digital modulation performance failures.
  • Dataflow analysis of EVM and ACPR - Powering the accurate digital modulation analysis is a new numeric dataflow simulator in Genesys 2014, made easy-to-use for the RF designer. By simply selecting the digital modulation source type such as QPSK, QAM, LTE or WLAN from the pull down source menu, the complex settings for the corresponding dataflow filters and sinks are expertly configured automatically for accurate analysis of EVM and ACPR.
  • Verification against LTE-3GPP and WLAN 802.11ac standards - The new dataflow simulator is also deployed for the verification of circuits or systems against the latest LTE-3GPP and 802.11ac transmitter standards through simple pull down menus. This mimics what RF designers already do on the bench with vector sources and analyzers to perform complex design verification with zero learning curve.

The new Modulated RF capability is available as an affordable upgrade in 4 new Genesys Bundles: W1333BP/BT, W1336BP/BT, W1338BP/BT and W2372EP/ET. For more information, refer to the Genesys brochure and configuration guide.

Direct Filter Synthesis Technology with Network Transforms

Genesys 2014 revamps its most powerful direct filter synthesis technology with automatic network transforms for seamless workspace integration to enable multiple custom filters to be designed interactively together such as multiplexers or notched filters. Unlike traditional filter synthesis from template topologies such as Butterworth or Chebyshev, direct synthesis starts from shaping the desired custom response by placing transmission zeros on the frequency axis. The resultant transfer function is then directly synthesized into multiple candidate topologies for you to choose for ease and cost of implementation. A full array of selectable automatic network transforms such as lumped-to-distributed, Norton and Kuroda further enable realization into optimal lumped and/or distributed hardware. A new book by Randy Rhea has been published by Artech House on this topic. For more information, refer to "Filter Synthesis Using Genesys S/Filter", by Randall W. Rhea.

X-parameter model library

For accurate nonlinear circuit and system simulation, Genesys 2014 now comes with a collection of X-parameters models of transistors and amplifier gain blocks from Avago. In partnership with Modelithics, X-parameter models from other vendors (such as Mini Circuits) will be added over time.

Updated Murata, Coilcraft and TDK libraries

Passive libraries from Murata, Coilcraft and TDK has been updated for Genesys 2014 for accurate circuit simulation.

New Momentum meshing and simulation engine 16 x faster via simulation

The latest Momentum meshing and simulation engine from Advanced Design System (ADS) has been incorporated into Genesys 2014 for robust and fast simulation of imported layout geometries. For example, it simulates 16x faster for via holes.

New 3D layout and Momentum EM solution viewer

The interactive 3D layout viewer now comes with physical connectivity highlighting to identify unintended shorts or opens before doing a long EM simulation. After the EM simulation, you can now interactively set the threshold amplitude of surface currents to view and identify hot spots. Antenna 3D far field calculations are now interactively synchronized to the port excitation amplitude and phase. It is especially useful in viewing far field patterns of multi-excitation phased-arrays or circularly polarized antennas.

Improved Phase noise simulation accuracy

The phase noise simulation default parameters in Harbec (the Genesys Harmonic Balance simulator) are now set to produce results consistent with ADS.

New Matlab script

The existing Mathlang scripting language has been replaced by Matlab scripts from Mathworks to enable 100% compatibility with Matlab. Matlab users will be able to use Genesys Matlab scripts with no learning curve.

64 bit OS support to address larger memory space

Genesys now runs natively in 64 bit Windows thus enabling access to a larger memory space for EM and X-parameter nonlinear simulation.

New tutorial videos on Modulated RF analysis and Direct Filter Synthesis

New tutorial videos teach you how to use the new Modulated RF and tightly integrated Direct Filter Synthesis capabilities within minutes.

System Spreadsheet import into Spectrasys

For RF system architects who like to use Spreadsheets for their cascaded analysis, a new Spreadsheet import capability now replicates the spreadsheet as a schematic that not only yields the same results, but also enables other powerful analysis from Spectrasys to be performed such as root cause analysis of spurious leakage.

Bug fixes and usability improvements

Multiple usability improvements and bug fixes throughout the product make Genesys 2014 even easier to use for tackling challenging RF designs.