H7230A #516 i3070 Family Advanced Digital Training

Audience: i3070 test program set developers and production support engineers.

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Family Advanced Digital Training


Attendees will learn advanced topics for developing Digital Test applications on the i3070 in-circuit board tester.

This course builds upon the basic fundamentals of digital vector control language (VCL) and pattern capture format (PCF) that were presented in the Fundamentals courses. The Participant will learn the advantages and concepts of using subroutines and timing sets to organize and simplify complex digital protocols. In addition, the Participant will be introduced to erase, program, and verification techniques for parallel memory, serial memory, and devices such as FPGAs and other programmable logic devices. All aspects of library development, test generation, and test debugging will be covered for the topics in this course.

What you will Learn

  • Advanced digital topics for i3070 test application.


  • H7230A #500 i3070 Family Multiplexed User Fundamentals Class I
  • H7230A #555 i3070 Family Multiplexed User Fundamentals Class II


  1. Introduction & Review of Digital Tests
  2. Writing Digital Test Libraries using Digital Subroutines
  3. Turn-on and Debug the tests (enhance Debug skills)
  4. Timing Sets
  5. Flash Device Programming
  6. PLD Device Programming    
  7. Testing Analog Devices with Digital Tests

Where and When

Date: TBD

Location: TBD

Price: US$ 2,487.93

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