Keysight World 2020 Tokyo

Keysight World 2020 Tokyo will be held between July 6 and July 17 2020.

From July 6 to 10, a pre event covering fundamentals from RF to Signals will be held with educational sessions covering a different subject area each day.

On July 16 and 17 the main event will be held. This event will be much deeper technically and focused on specific industry directions, innovations, challenges, and the use of Keysight solutions in addressing these industry directions.

The technical sessions in the tracks will be broadcast live and solution demonstrations will be viewable on demand at anytime during the track and after the track has completed.

We recognize that many of our customers are interested in our technical solutions and demonstrations as they relate to multiple industry segments and not just one. Our 2020 move to a fully virtual event makes it possible to spread the pre event over 5 days and the main event over 2 days to allow our attendees the maximum flexiblilty to attend as much as they like and only what they like.

Registration is setup so that you initially register for either the pre event or a single track in the main event. After your initial registration, you can register for additional sessions in other tracks on different days. We hope this flexibility allows you to get the most out of Keysight World 2020 Tokyo.

Please navigate below to any track to begin your registration process. Or learn more about a track without regsitering. There are registration and additional information links with each track.

Event FAQ

How Do I Attend Solution Demonstrations?

Solution demonstrations can be accessed and viewed on the event day from within the track viewing window. All the solution demonstrations are associated with a track and can be accessed at any time while attending a session in that track.

How Do I Attend Multiple Tracks?

To register for an additional track or sessions in an additional track, go to the registration for that track and register for the sessions of interest.

Your first registration will create a cookie in your browser history. If this cookie is not reset in any way, you will be automatically able to register in additional sessions without having to enter any of your details again.

How Do I Attend Sessions I Missed?

All sessions become available as on-demand after a session has completed and any Q & A associated with that session has also completed. Sessions are not available on-demand until after the live broadcast has completed.

How Do I Meet The Experts?

Keysight engineers will be available to meet you after each session. Following each session there will be a teleconference held where questions can be asked and answered about the topic, solutions, or products referenced in that specific session.

Pre Event - July 6 - 10

RF Day - July 6

Spectrum Analyzer Basics

Network Analyzer Basics

Solve problems such as wireless measurement that you won't have to worry about anymore by introducing IoT!

Wireless LAN Update: 802.11ax, 11ay, EXT, NGV

R & D engineers should know that there is no loss EMI measurement

Digital Day 1 - July 7

Oscilloscope basic course to see the correct waveform

Oscilloscope basic course to see the correct waveform

Reveal Myths about Signal Integrity

Now you know! Basics of eye pattern / jitter evaluation

Introduction to S-parameters for digital engineers

Digital - Day 2 - July 8

Full solution! Ethernet overview and evaluation points

How to avoid USB 2.0 trouble that everyone falls into

Complete solution! DDR memory measurement basics

HDMI2.1 Latest standard information and points of measurement evaluation

High-speed transmission line evaluation using TDR / VNA

Digital / SW Day -  July 9

Evolving DC-DC converter evaluation! Are you missed?

The first automatic measurement "Introduction"

First automatic measurement "Excel VBA programming"

First automatic measurement "Free software included"

The key to circuit design is the use of simulation including the board

Device/Material Day - July 10

What is decap? High-speed board power supply noise countermeasures, measurement basics for semiconductor engineers

Basics of impedance measurement

Component impedance measurement method when high voltage and large current are superimposed

Component impedance measurement method when high voltage and large current are superimposed

Basics of dielectric constant measurement of materials

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