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Jay Alexander
Chief Technology Officer
Keysight Technologies

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Go Hack Yourself – The Leap to Proactive Cybersecurity

Join this session and help your organization get in front of emerging threats and improve your security posture with Keysight.

See It to Secure It: The Hidden Fundamentals of Security
Join this session to learn the fundamentals of gaining visibility into your network and how Keysight helps organizations reduce security threats.

Going on the Offensive: Protecting Your Network with Keysight
Join us to learn how you can get more from the security infrastructure you already have with Keysight's Threat Simulator.

Consolidating SOC and NOC Tools for Greater Security and Efficiency
Learn how together, ExtraHop and Keysight, provide complete visibility and real-time network detection and response to identify security threats.

OT and ICS Cybersecurity – Bridging the Gap between OT and IT
Join this session to gain visibility of industrial devices, accelerate response times across ICS environments, and improve operational technology efficiency.

Panel Session: The Devil’s in Dependency: Data-Driven Visibility to Improve Security
Join this interactive session with security experts as they discuss how better visibility into your network data can improve security.


Steve McGregory

Senior Director

Keysight Technologies

Recep Ozdag

Recep Ozdag

Vice President of Product Management

Keysight Technologies

Scott Register

Vice President of Security Solutions

Keysight Technologies

Jappreet Bath

Senior Solution Engineer


John Delfeld

Vice President of Business Development

Keysight Technologies

Eric Floyd

Director of Business Development – Industrial IoT

Keysight Technologies

Phil Trainor

Director, Security Solutions

Keysight Technologies

Mayra Salman

Product Manager

Keysight Technologies

Deepak Badami

Senior Sales Engineer


Phil Page

Technical Manager


Carey Daley

NAS & LAR Field Marketing Manager

Keysight Technologies

Solution Demonstrations

Our experts are here to show you solutions to a wide range of engineering challenges. Get ready to be inspired!

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