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Keysight experts were at PCIM 2022 in Nuremberg to introduce the new PD1550A Advanced Dynamic Power Device Analyzer / Double-Pulse Tester for making measurements of wide-bandgap measurements in power modules. We also showcased powerful design and simulation software often used by engineers in power electronics.

We hope to see you at PCIM 2023 on 9-11 May in Nuremberg, Germany.


New Introduction: Double Pulse Tester for Wide-Bandgap Power Modules

Keysight’s latest Double Pulse Tester is designed to provide repeatable and reliable wide-bandgap measurements for power modules, as well as to provide a customizable off-the-shelf solution. Keysight’s Double Pulse Testers are designed to meet the needs of engineers involved in characterizing WBG semiconductors – from discrete devices and now, to power modules.

This new release builds on the same intuitive, automated user experience of the popular PD1500A, to quickly and safely measure and extract dynamic parameters to characterize a large sample of power devices/modules. Due to the high adoption of power modules in various electric vehicles (EV) applications, this new solution would be of particular interest to automotive OEM and Tier 1 power converter designers, among many other markets that involve power electronics.

Read about the new PD1550A Double Pulse Tester for Power Modules

Watch this recording of our Solutions Architect, Ryo Takeda introducing this innovative solution at PCIM 2022.

Double Pulse Tester for Wide-Bandgap Power Modules

Keysight PathWave Simulation Solutions

PathWave Simulation Solutions

Keysight’s PathWave ADS Design and Simulation Software, and Power Electronics Professional (PEPro) simulate power electronics designs to address unwanted effects of high switching speeds when designing power converters and switching power supplies.

Read about the key solution featured: PathWave ADS – Power Electronics

Advanced Power Source and Measurement

Discover Keysight’s latest oscilloscopes with accessories for high power applications, as well as other bench power and electronic loads that enable advanced analysis in formulating power-related designs.

Key solutions featured:

Advanced Power Source and Measurement

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