The rise of medical IoT technology and digitization are transforming the healthcare segment. Medical devices are becoming increasingly smarter, and their designs incorporate more wireless connectivity capabilities and electronic content. Designers must overcome many challenges to ensure the product is safe, optimized and highly reliable.

Keysight offers a portfolio of solutions to help medical device manufacturers ensure their designs have reliable wireless connectivity, optimized battery life, efficient power design, and are resilient against radio interference.

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Thursday 10 September, Morning Session: Connected Medical Devices

Join our IoT Business Development Manager, Julien Sarrade for the “How to guarantee the proper operation of a Connected Medical Device in a dense environment, through the radio coexistence test?” conference.

Wednesday, September 09 – Thursday,  September 10 2020

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A New Way to Validate Wireless Connectivity for IoT Medical Devices

Miniaturization of IoT devices eliminates test points, making contact testing impossible. Keysight X8711A wireless signaling test solution provides over-the-air test capability and addresses the limitation of parametric tester (one box tester) and golden radio test method by testing critical RF parameters of products in their final form. It measures actual power and sensitivity parameters of the transmitter and receiver to assure your devices meet high quality levels.

Optimize Power Consumption and Battery Life of Your IoT Medical Devices

The need for convenience and portability has led to increasingly smaller and battery-operated medical devices. Keysight X8712A battery life optimization solution enabling you to detect design weaknesses with quick and effortless event-based power consumption analysis. It automatically correlates critical RF or DC events of your device to the power consumed and help you identify the areas that are consuming the most current.

Analyze In-depth Current Waveforms for Efficient Power Design

Explosive growth of IoT medical devices urge designs to be more integrated with high performance and less power consumption to meet the thermal budget. Keysight CX3300 series device current waveform analyzer allows you to precisely verify the critical device operations previously not visible due to large noise and make various design improvements required for more power reduction.

Overcome Wireless Interference and Coexistence

In public venues, especially healthcare facilities, unplanned personal IoT devices and hotspots could cause wireless network interference affecting the critical medical devices. Keysight’s FieldFox handheld microwave analyzer with real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) captures every signal in real time and enable detection, location and fixing of spectrum interference with highest accuracy in on-site environment.


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