IoT is evolving fast. Can your IoT designs withstand the rigors of the real world?

IoT devices need to be energy efficient, tested for signal and power integrity issues, interoperable with other IoT devices, and peacefully co-exist with an ever-growing array of wireless technologies in industries like wearables, smart city and smart home, amongst others.

Keysight can help you accelerate your IoT innovations through precise and consistent measurement science that spans the entire product lifecycle from design simulation to prototype validation, manufacturing test, and optimization in networks and cloud environments.

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June 19 – 20, 2019

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Optimize IoT Device Battery Life and Over-the-Air Signaling Test

The IoT device battery life optimization solution (X8712A) enables RF/DC event-based power consumption analysis, estimates battery life and helps detect design weakness. The OTA signaling test solution (X8711A) addresses the limitation of the parametric tester (one box tester) and golden radio test method by testing critical RF test parameters of products in their final form.

Ensure IoT Reliability, Power Integrity and SW/Power

Deficient power integrity leads to product performance failures and EMI issues. Developers often only have software as a variable they can adjust to optimize battery life. Keysight S-Series mixed signal oscilloscope, N7020A power rail probe and N2820A current probe provide a means of measuring power integrity and battery current draw in context with the IoT device software flow. The quantitative measurement results enable designers to optimize product software for maximum battery life and user experience.

Simplify IoT Wireless Design and Test

Signal Studio for IoT (N7610C) is a time-saving, flexible suite of signal-creation tools that helps create and download IoT waveforms to the signal generator for component, transmitter, and receiver test. The X-Series measurement applications, supported by all X-Series signal analyzers, enable one-button testing for the various IoT wireless formats. The 89600 VSA software enables digital modulation analysis for deeper troubleshooting of wireless formats.

Verify C-IoT Network Quality and Coverage

The only way to verify IoT service coverage accurately is to perform active tests in the network with an IoT device connected to a measurement tool SW and to generate load over the connection between the device and the network with a test protocol. Tests can be made in different phases of the network life cycle, i.e., prior to launching the IoT services, once the IoT network is live and commercial services are rolled out.


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