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Our European Microwave Week (EuMW) 2018 Library includes resources on the following topics:

  • Aerospace and defense measurement solutions
  • Wireless solutions focused on testing 5G technologies
  • Millimeter-wave component testing
  • RF and microwave circuit simulation software




During EuMW 2018, Keysight hosted demonstrations and presentations focused on the latest design and measurement solutions to help you overcome your challenges with the ever-evolving world of microwave technology.

If you were unable to attend EuMW, we have made the material related to our key demonstrations available for you to download on demand.

DemonstrationsmmWave Applications

Electronic Warfare Threat Simulation
Simulate multi-emitter electronic warfare threat scenarios to gain deeper confidence in EW system performance and analyze and measure pulse characteristics. The Keysight UXG plus MESG SW offers a unique, easy-to-use, reliable solution for EW scenario generation, and the 89600 VSA software is a hardware-agnostic pulse measurement tool providing results and trend analysis on popular pulse metrics.

Microsatellite Field Test
The new Noise Figure (NF) mode in the FieldFox handheld microwave analyzer provides portable one-button noise figure and gain measurements to help you characterize devices including low noise amplifiers (LNAs), frequency converters and receivers using the industry proven Y-factor technique. FieldFox can also provide real-time feedback on measurement integrity with built-in uncertainty bars that can be displayed on the measurement data. By combining noise figure measurements with full 2-port vector network analysis, spectrum analysis, RTSA, power measurement and geolocation, FieldFox can now provide complete characterization of amplifiers and converters in the field, make an ideal solution for RF testing of flight hardware such as satellite payloads and transceivers.

Precision IoT Measurements
Precise signal and power measurements are essential to ensuring optimal operation of IoT sensor devices in the real world. With Keysight’s spectrum/signal analyzers like the CXA N9000B, you gain access to easy, one-button measurements that help you quickly link cause and effect. With VSA software, you get a tool that supports more than 75 signal standards and modulation types, enabling you to accelerate your design optimization and ensuring you can measure your signal. With FieldFox, you carry the precision of a benchtop instrument into the field. With these demos you’ll learn how to use these tools to make measurements on IoT sensor devices and modules and learn about IoT applied courseware offerings that academia can use to empower the next generation of IoT engineers.

Design for Quantum Computing
Quantum computing control and test systems are expensive, difficult to scale, and hard to integrate. PathWave FPGA speeds up your quantum computing set up. PathWave FPGA is a system-level FPGA development environment that enables you to create, deploy, and simulate your custom HW-accelerated DSP into instruments. In this demo we showcase how the same platform can be leveraged into several applications: Quantum Computing, EW and Digital Pre-distortion (DPD).

DemonstrationsWireless Solutions ‘Design and Test 5G’

5G Base Station and Field Test
Streamline 5G design validation at 28 GHz and 37‑39 GHz with new wideband signal source and analyzer families, along with the latest 5G application software.

Millimeter-Wave Testbed
Upper millimeter-wave frequency bands offer the potential of large contiguous swaths of spectrum for high data throughput applications such as 802.11ay and 5G NR. However, new approaches are needed to tackle the challenges of 2‑5 GHz of bandwidth. This new wideband millimeter-wave testbed combines high performance digital technology with compact millimeter-wave converters to generate and analyze very wide-bandwidth millimeter-wave test signals.

Volume 5G Manufacturing
Modular “OTA-ready” 5G test configuration enables flexible, lean 5G NR manufacturing test scalable from sub-6 GHz to the new 24-43.5 GHz mmWave bands, yet enough performance for automated 5G design validation.

DemonstrationsFlexible mmWave Testing

Complete Transceiver Characterization
This demo station will focus on measuring high-power devices and will include a PNA-X and the Keysight U3040ATRX test set which incorporates couplers, switches, amplifiers, isolators, and other components needed for complete test of devices with transmit and receive paths, like beamforming ICs with integrated GaN amplifiers that will be used in upcoming 5G wireless-communications devices. The test set greatly simplifies the overall measurement setup and eliminates the need to manually reconfigure the test setup for each measurement. The demo will also cover a new measurement class called Active Hot Parameters (S93110/111A) that uses X-parameter-based calibration to provide accurate output power measurements for devices driven into compression. This capability overcomes the problem of measurement results varying between test systems or due to changes in the test cables.

Zero Compromise USB Test Stations
We all have two common goals in our business: decrease costs and get products to market faster. Luckily, there is one easy solution to both of those goals – use the same technology across all instrument platforms used in each phase of product development. This will ultimately save time and increase efficiency. With consistent technology, measurements, and applications, you and your team can easily transfer knowledge between benchtop, modular, and USB instruments. The new Keysight Streamline Series of USB vector network analyzers, oscilloscopes, and arbitrary waveform generators has the same high performance and functionality as benchtop instruments.

DemonstrationsKeysight Software and Services

Optimize Test Assets
Get real time test asset utilization and health data providing insights and improved efficiency with Keysight’s new PathWave Asset Advisor.

PathWave Design 
Electronic system-level design tool SystemVue enables system architects and algorithm developers to innovate the physical layer (PHY) of wireless and aerospace/defense communications systems and provides unique value to RF, DSP, and FPGA/ASIC implementers. Will show a variety of applications, for example with the 5G-specific libraries to combine 5G baseband, RF and channel models together for accurate and thorough evaluation of the entire systems. Another example is the Automotive Radar library to integrate critical, safety-conscious and complicated scenarios into reliable, leading-edge design of automotive radar. It provides solution under cost- and time-constraint projects to design and develop algorithm such as direction of angle (DOA) and phase comparison.

PathWave Test Automation
RFPro makes performing EM analysis as easy as running circuit simulations, dramatically simplifying EM analysis of RFIC, MMIC and RF module designs for 5G, IoT and defense-aerospace applications. No more “cookie cutting”, errors from tedious manual re-assignment of ports, manual re-import and stitching of external EM results with circuit simulation. No need to learn another unfamiliar tool or wait for someone else to run external batch EM analysis. This demonstration will show RFPro capabilities inside both ADS and Cadence Virtuoso. 

We will also show Co-designing ICs and antennas for 5G systems in package using GlobalFoundries millimeter-wave technologies. The demo will show how to use ADS to assemble ICs, interposers and antenna chips seamlessly to be able to tame the electromagnetic impairments that could decrease the overall system performances, including the simulation of  the interactions between the silicon IC, the packages, the interposers, and the antennas to maximize the radiated power in the right direction.

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