Keysight enables innovators to push the boundaries of engineering by quickly solving design, emulation, and test challenges to create the best network and data center experiences. Whether you are looking to achieve 800G, 1.6T, or higher speeds, Keysight accelerates innovation with intelligent insights to reduce risk and speed time to market.

Connect with Keysight Network and Data Center experts at the ECOC exhibition booth #219. We are looking forward to seeing you. Register to attend the exhibition for free.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Glasgow for ECOC 2023.

October 2 – 4, 2023

G3 8YW
Keysight Booth #219

Keysight Exhibits at ECOC 2023

Photonic IC testing

Verify photonic integrated circuits (PIC) designs on chip level for optical parameters insertion loss (IL), polarization dependent loss/gain (PDL / PDG), and optoelectronic S-parameters S21, S(l). Keysight and FormFactor collaborate to provide a complete solution for automated or manual probing and measurement automation.

Multichannel optical test

The new Keysight FlexOTO optical test automation software reduces test and validation time by optimizing the Keysight DCA-M sampling oscilloscopes and optical switches. This solution maximizes test efficiency without compromising measurement integrity for high channel count Tx validation, characterization, and manufacturing testing. Combined with Keysight’s G800GE-02, it provides a complete validation solution for both traditional retimed optics as well as emerging linear drive optics.

1.6 TAUI design validation

Keysight showcases its 224G Reference Receiver to measure jitter decomposition and high-precision phase-locked loop (PLL) operations on a live 224G transmitter design. The solution supports C2M TP1a electrical validation measurements of IEEE 802.3dj and OIF-CEI 224G standards.

224 Gbit/s electrical test

The Keysight M8050A high-performance bit error ratio tester (BERT) validates and characterizes digital receivers operating at speeds up to 224 Gbit/s. It is possible to analyze error performance and measure jitter tolerance in real-time by employing the Keysight M8043A error analyzer, which features powerful equalization and de-embedding functions up to 64 Gbaud when using the Keysight M8067A ISI channel board.


224 Gbit/s optical test

Demonstration of the Keysight N1032A/B optical reference receiver for testing 100-Gbaud class transmitters. When driven by the Keysight high-speed arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) or bit error ratio tester (BERT), you can verify and achieve the high performance required for next-generation 800G / 1.6T systems.

200 GBaud optics research

Research and development of next-generation optics operating at 160 Gbaud and beyond is ongoing. We demonstrate the optical transmission of 1.6 Tbit/s using the Keysight M8199B arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) connected to an ultra-high bandwidth coherent-driver modulator. The Keysight N4391B optical modulation analyzer (OMA) performs the signal reception and demodulation. The N4391B OMA is based on the Keysight Infiniium UXR-B Series oscilloscope family with upgradeable bandwidth up to 110 GHz. 


More Keysight Exhibits at ECOC 2023

In addition to the Keysight booth, Keysight’s solutions will also be presented at the OIF booth #304 and Ethernet Alliance booth #460 in partnership with key industry leaders of silicon and data center interconnect providers.

The following Keysight solutions will be demonstrated at the OIF & EA booth:

  • 400ZR+ Interop demo
  • OIF-CEI Demo: showcasing TDECQ, EECQ, and LR electrical and optical conformance
  • 224G Interop demo
  • 800GE Auto-Negotiation and Link Training
  • 400GE/800GE Link Interoperability

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