Demodulate 5G NR Signals

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5G and wideband satellite applications require higher frequency and analysis bandwidth. The new wideband MXA is designed specifically to address this emerging market with a frequency range up to 50 GHz, an analysis bandwidth of 510 MHz, and superior phase noise performances. This demo shows how to demodulate wideband 5G NR signals along with a VXG signal generator.

Keep up with evolving wireless test needs

  • Superior phase noise
  • Faster sweep
  • 510 MHz RTSA and analysis bandwidth

High-Performance mmWave EVM Measurements

5G chip solutions

The M981xAS PXI Vector Component Analyzer (VCA) combines multiport network analysis and modulation distortion analysis using PXI-based VNAs and receiver modules. The solution is ideal for complete characterization of beamformer IC which is a critical device for emerging 5G or Aerospace & defense applications. 

Fully characterize beamformer modules

  • Scalable PXI solution
  • Low residual EVM 
  • Modulation on PXI VNA

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Wideband and Modulated Frequency Converter Test

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The new DDS synthesizer of the PNA-X and the evolving modulation distortion application allows to overcome wideband millimeter-wave measurement challenges with improved accuracy, ease of test, and faster throughput on both measurement and simulation, and it provides the comprehensive frequency converter characterization including phase noise test.

Uncompromised accuracy for non-linear applications

  • New mixer-test method
  • Lowest residual EVM
  • Improved dynamic range at mmWave frequency ranges

mmWave Device Quality

Component characterization at 300 GHz or higher frequencies presents unique challenges. Higher frequencies amplify error sources, including cable losses, connector repeatability, and phase shifts that are almost negligible at radio frequencies. Keysight designed its N5291A mmWave solution to perform the most accurate measurements, accounting for all sources of uncertainty.

Characterize mmWave devices accurately

  • Broadband 500 Hz-125 GHz
  • Unique measurement apps
  • Noise figure accuracy

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mmWave Materials Test

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Keysight’s P5008A USB VNA with a split cylinder resonator materials test fixture and dedicated measurement software enables accurate and repeatable low-loss materials measurements within millimeter-wave frequency range. It is easy to use with a simple and compact measurement setup.

Compact materials measurement solution

  • Easy to use
  • Repeatable measurement
  • High accuracy

Lab Equipment Management

Get access to the most comprehensive array of people, processes, and tools in the industry to help you improve productivity and product quality. Our calibration, repair, asset optimization, technology refresh, education, financing, and additional services focus on lowering your risks and costs.

Improve test accuracy

  • Reduce Risk
  • Lower cost
  • Meet schedule

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