Enable High-Power EV Battery Pack Design

High Power EV Batter Pack Design

The electric vehicle battery pack is a complex system involving high voltages and currents, electrical and mechanical components, a cooling system, and battery management system (BMS). It is important to evaluate the EV battery pack against multiple electrical and climatic factors to ensure the EV's range performance, and the battery's safety and durability.

Synchronized control of all the battery pack components in the test environment, including climate chamber, conditioning of the battery packs, and BMS through automated testplans is necessary to yield data for design evaluation. Data from electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of the battery pack can also provide insights on the battery driving range, charging performance, durability, and safety.

Since testing high-power battery packs is costly, it is also important to consider using test systems with regenerative power to reduce lab operation cost.

Test high-power battery packs for electric vehicles

Get ready to test high-power battery packs

Test high-power EV battery packs for future models, up to 1,500 V and 270 kW

Test your battery packs more efficiently, based on Silicon Carbide technology with smaller footprint

Use a compact footprint tester with high energy efficiency

Utilize SiC-based technology with 96% power recovery

Test your EV battery packs against realistic scenarios

Scale up software to include various test scenario

Test the EV battery pack against scenarios such as climatic stress and life-cycle aging

Keysight EV Battery Pack Test Solution

Realistically emulate the electric vehicle's operating environment to test high-power battery packs comprehensively, and improve their functions and safety.

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