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True driverless vehicles require real-time measurement of the road environment and powerful onboard computing capabilities. The automotive millimeter-wave (mmWave) radar sensor is an all-weather sensor with a long detection range. Millimeter-wave radar technology is relatively new compared to camera sensors, given the emergence of large bandwidth, high frequency, and high precision radar products. Automotive manufacturers place high demands on automotive radar technology development and testing of the performance indicators of the products themselves.

In-vehicle sensors, such as automotive radar and cameras in autonomous vehicles (AVs), generate a large amount of data. Data sets are transmitted through a high-speed digital interface to electronic control units that trigger advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) features. Automotive manufacturers need to ensure the performance of the automotive radar sensors and the high-speed digital interface. Manufacturers will reduce investment costs and simplify the testing process by using an instrument that can test signal integrity and run compliance tests for the mmWave radar and high-speed digital interfaces.

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Solve more complicated modulation requirements

Test in frequency and time domains with higher bandwidth and accuracy

Automotive millimeter-wave Radar Chip Testing icons

Test multiple angles

Test from different angles with up to 4 channels

Automotive millimeter-wave Radar Chip Testing icons

Cope with a higher high-speed digital interface data rate

Upgrade to higher data rates as the need arises; maintain a low initial cost of ownership

Automotive Millimeter-Wave Radar Chip Test Solution

The automotive mmWave radar chip test solution includes the Keysight UXR0252AP Infiniium UXR-Series oscilloscope, and Keysight 89601C custom modulation software package. The solution can sample the 79 GHz radar signal with a sampling rate of 256 GSa/s, and simultaneously run real-time acquisition tests of up to four channels. These mmWave radar chip test solutions can also meet the requirements of multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) radar for inter-channel amplitude and phase testing.

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