Get a Complimentary 20-Channel Multiplexer

With the purchase of a DAQ mainframe and a digitizer module combo

When testing modern electronic devices, engineers increasingly need to sample many different data points at regular intervals. Often the data points are different types of signals. The DAQM901A multiplexer module significantly expands the capability of your DAQ970A and DAQ973A platform, enabling you to scan up to 20 channels and many different types of signals simultaneously.

For a limited time, you can claim a DAQM901A multiplexer at no extra cost, when you purchase a DAQ970A or DAQ973A and DAQM909A digitizer module.

About Keysight DAQ970A/DAQ973A and the DAQM909A digitizer

The Keysight DAQ970A and DAQ973A provide next-generation data acquisition capabilities in an integrated, high-performance system. This gives the user flexibility to perform broad measurement functions while maintaining compatibility with the legacy 34970A/34972A system. It comes with an advanced 6 ½ digits digital multimeter (DMM) built-in that allows you to measure fast and accurately. The internal analog to digital converter allows measurement speeds of up to 50,000 readings per second with high resolution. It also comes with an intuitive LCD screen and soft keys for easy configuration and measurement displays in multiple formats: number, bar meter, trend chart, and histogram chart.

The Keysight DAQM909A digitizer module extends the capabilities of the DAQ970A/DAQ973A system, monitoring of simultaneous real-time dynamic signals to meet your most demanding application needs. It has up to four simultaneously sampling input channels with differential inputs. Each channel can set sampling rates from 100 kSa/s (frequency domain) to 800 kSa/s (time domain) with 24-bit resolution. Each channel can be independently programmed to one of four input modes, and current source settings.

Start Date:
February 1, 2020

End Date:
March 31, 2021

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US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Asia Pacific, EMEAI (excluding Russia, Turkey and Israel)

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