Keysight PathWave is a new design and test software platform that accelerates your product development workflow from concept through manufacturing and deployment.

PathWave integrates many of the design and test software products you already use from Keysight, including design software, instrument control software, application software, and productivity software. PathWave adds an open and flexible development environment with a consistent user experience, common data formats, and control interfaces.

Together they create an open, scalable, and predictive platform that integrates hardware and software at every stage in the product design workflow.

PathWave Test

Automate, accelerate, and scale across your design and test workflow

Commercial pressures never relax when it comes to time-to-market and cost-of-test. Design and test software can make or break your success in highly competitive and accelerated product development lifecycles.

PathWave Test provides an environment to launch a portfolio of powerful measurement, test automation, and data management tools. Empower your organization with simple, fast, and scalable software development across your entire test workflow.

  • Launch and experience measurement, test automation, and analysis software with consistency
  • Accelerate test plan development, execute with speed, and scale with ease in an open and modular software architecture
  • Access data seamlessly, optimize efficiently, and ensure interoperability at any point in the workflow

PathWave FPGA

FPGA programming made easy

Modern test and measurement applications require custom real-time processing and FPGAs allow hardware programming for this purpose.

PathWave FPGA is a system-level FPGA development environment that enables you to create, deploy, and simulate your custom HW-accelerated DSP into instruments.

  • Get up to speed faster with the aided graphical environment and high-level languages
  • Deliver more value with comprehensive simulation and debugging capabilities
  • Save time with leveraged designs from DSP IP libraries and an open DSP ecosystem

PathWave Analytics

Find, visualize, understand big data to improve business knowledge

All machines are prone to failures. On the other hand, your customer constantly demands a quick root cause analysis to improve their operational key performance indicators (KPIs).

PathWave Analytics is an Industry 4.0 ready, electronics manufacturing data analytics solution that uses algorithms to perform advanced analytics using meta data, measurement data, and environment data to predict machine failure, and to drive improvements in product quality and throughput.

  • Global 360º views of operation and asset management
  • Automated real-time monitoring and anomaly detection
  • Advanced process control with multi-variates and multi-dimensional analysis

PathWave Asset Advisor

Do more than manage assets. Discover hidden potential.

Test and measurement equipment is the largest capital expense on most companies' balance sheets. But few companies have a compreshensive, corporate-wide program to effectively manage and maximize the utilization of test and measurement equipment.

PathWave Asset Advisor is at the core of a data-driven asset optimization program that significantly improves asset productivity. The asset optimization program focuses on how to implement strategies to lower the total cost of ownership for test.

  • Find and manage assets faster via an open, task-based user interface
  • Reduce costs through better optimization, tracking and asset maintenance
  • Improve equipment service management

DesignCon 2018

Learn how Keysight’s PathWave solution accelerates your workflow by connecting every step in your design cycle in our connected and integrated platform.

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