Introducing PathWave from Keysight

The first design and test software platform created to accelerate your workflow by connecting every step in your product development path — from design and simulation, to prototype and test, to manufacturing — connected and integrated.

Open: Connects and Integrates All Design and Test Resources

  • Provides open APIs which allow for simplified and rapid customization
  • Easily integrates best-in-class technology, including 3rd party software and hardware
  • Quickly connects compatible hardware to speed test workflows and enhance productivity

Scalable: Offers Flexible Computing Power that Scales to Meet Varying Workloads

  • Operates locally, in the cloud, or both, to accelerate design and test computations
  • Processes test data across the workflow locally or in the cloud
  • Saves transition time between development phases in your design and test workflow

Predictive: Provides Powerful Analytics Tools for Faster Troubleshooting

  • Quickly delivers comprehensive data analytics to identify trends and troubleshoot issues
  • Monitors the utilization and health of each test resource for improved productivity and scheduling
  • Captures and analyzes big data for faster, more effective workflow processes

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