Secure Your Critical Space Mission

Protect your satcom network from evolving threats

Learn how to safeguard your network with Keysight's comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. From threat simulation software to satellite security optimization, Keysight ensures readiness against evolving cyber threats. Gain insights, validate infrastructure, and optimize performance to accelerate your satcom mission.

Fortify your defenses with on-demand simulated attacks

Cyberattacks are more sophisticated than ever, and annual penetration tests aren't enough to stem the tide. Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) solutions simulate attacks to identify vulnerabilities before real hackers exploit them. The SANS Institute demonstrates BAS using the Keysight Threat Simulator with attack scenarios designed to test network defenses, email security, phishing attempts, and even model advanced cyber kill chains.

Validate your mission with realistic traffic and attack loads


In the face of unique cybersecurity challenges, space missions demand robust security. Keysight BreakingPoint equips satellite operators to validate the security posture of their critical networks by simulating real-world threats alongside legitimate traffic. Exposing these vulnerabilities before launch can reduce network outages by 80% and boost attack readiness by 70%. Read the case study to learn how the US Army National Guard uses BreakingPoint to create real-world test scenarios by disguising cyberattacks in authenticated network traffic emulations.

Simulate and secure your 5G space network

The space industry embraces 5G's potential for high-speed data and low latency. However, securing this complex network demands a new approach. Keysight EXata network modeling helps you simulate real-world scenarios, unveil vulnerabilities, optimize base station placement, and validate overall network performance before launch. Learn how EXata can help you build a secure and reliable 5G foundation for your space missions.

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