How We’ll Help You Thrive in the Digital Age

Speed matters in healthcare. Yet delivering faster, better software across an increasingly complex digital landscape can be challenging. Keysight Eggplant accelerates software testing with AI-driven test automation. Eggplant software makes testing more intelligent, empowering your teams to test with confidence.

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Drive Efficiency

Automate everyday software testing and clinical workflows that need to run around the clock.

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Optimize Experience

Simulate virtual users across any platform to ensure seamless patient and physician experience.

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Enhance Productivity

Alleviate your staff’s administrative burdens to spend more time delivering better care.

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Ensure Compliance

Simplify test automation with lower compliance risks with our entirely non-invasive approach.

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Human Lives Hinge on How and What You Test

Today’s electronic medical record (EMR) systems hold the key to a person’s health history. But with great responsibility comes significant risk — one small error can derail compliance and put patients in peril.

A recent study of major US healthcare providers about their software testing practices and plans reveals vital signs of current challenges and trends in healthcare software testing. 

How to Test Any EMR

Automation intelligence promises not only greater testing efficiency and performance but also more consistent, continuous, and patient-centric care. This eBook provides actionable insights into:

  • Common challenges of electronic medical record (EMR) testing in 2023 and beyond.
  • Intelligent test automation can help you meet these challenges at a lower cost.
  • Best practices to maximize the full value of test automation for your organization.
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Learn How to Supercharge Software Testing

Automate patient appointment booking

Automate testing of patient administration system

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