Revolutionize automotive UX testing for HMI

Human-machine interface (HMI) user experience (UX) is increasingly a major buying factor when purchasing a vehicle. Human-machine interface systems offer flexibility, accommodating a wide range of dynamic contextual information. However, even minor, occasional rendering errors in HMI displays can result in unacceptable user outcomes.

Customers demand the same usability and UX of their HMI as their mobile devices. Keysight Eggplant testing software transforms your automotive testing for a seamless UX.

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Create tests easily

HMI experts can contribute to the testing process without extensive training, including functional, non-functional, and compliance testing.

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Support for continuous updates

Automate the entire testing process to reduce manual effort and release safe, high-quality software faster, with support for in-development and over-the-air updates.

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Gain computer vision

Understand the whole HMI system as a real user would. Test as an operator to validate that the system behaves safely and accurately in real-world driving scenarios.

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Level up with exploratory AI testing

Automated exploratory testing assisted by artificial intelligence (AI) identifies scenarios that designers may not have anticipated, enhancing vehicle safety.

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Vehicle software safety testing with AI-driven automation

Safety is of the utmost importance in automotive HMI testing. Any automated action, like collision avoidance, must be immediately and accurately presented to the driver — regardless of the state of increasingly complex HMI systems. Testing endless possibilities of different configurations is complex and time-consuming.

Keysight Eggplant helps solve these challenges by accelerating software testing with AI-driven test automation that understands the HMI system as a real user would. Enable rapid testing cycles while ensuring confidence in safety and functionality.

Transforming automotive HMI tests with automation

Testing automotive HMI systems presents unique challenges. However, by using intelligent software test automation, you can transform your HMI testing processes with a cutting-edge solution designed to manage:

  • system complexity
  • specialized environments
  • legal and safety requirements
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Where Eggplant Test comes in

Elevating IVI testing with Eggplant

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Ensure flawless functionality and UX

A leading automotive manufacturer in the US has chosen Eggplant to automate regression testing of both in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and handset integration, as well as integrate with the Vector CANoe solution across its different sub-brands.

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