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Mark Sand

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Kelly Loula


TJ Cartwright
Signal Generators


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Signal Analyzers


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General-Purpose RF

EPISODE 5: VXG and UXA mmWave Setup

RF Explained Episode 5 – In this episode of RF Explained, we want to get hands-on, with a mmWave setup using the VXG and UXA to generate a 60 GHz 5G NR FR2 signal. You've learned what RF signals are and a few common devices. Now, it's time to get familiar with the instruments and learn how to set them up to generate and analyze signals.

EPISODE 4: VXG Features and Solutions Overview

RF Explained Episode 4 - In this short video, you will learn how to simplify complex multi-channel test setups using Keysight's M9484C VXG vector signal generator with frequency coverage up to 110 GHz using the V3080A frequency extender. For applications requiring wider bandwidth, combine up to 2 channels for up to 5 GHz of bandwidth.

EPISODE 3: RF Basics Part 1 - Signal Generator Software

RF Explained Episode 3 - RF signals can be challenging to work with, but everything is easier when you know the basics. In part 1 of RF basics Andrew Herrera, Software Product Marketing Manager, will discuss what is a signal generator and how test software makes it easy to generate a signal for testing wireless, automotive, and aerospace/defense applications. It may seem simple enough but understanding the fundamentals of signal generator software will help you learn how to solve your complex design challenges.

EPISODE 2: Channel Scanning with FieldFox

RF Explained Episode 2 - Buckle up and join us on this exciting journey of FieldFox's channel scanning mode in action. Learn about channel power measurements, why they matter, and how to use a spectrum analyzer to overlay power data on GPS.

EPISODE 1: Basic VXG Architecture 

RF Explained Episode 1 – Join us for our very first episode where we learn about traditional signal generator architecture and how the custom ASICs developed by our Keysight Labs team in our M9484C VXG signal generator make testing 5G new radio base stations and user equipment so much simpler.

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