Life in the Fast Lanes is a monthly series exploring the latest in high-speed digital design and development. We interview Keysight experts, covering on topics like new data standards, emerging technologies, industry trends, and design and test challenges that developers face in the data center networking and consumer electronics industries.

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EPISODE 5: Ethernet Network Testing at 800GE and 1.6T

John Calvin and Charles Seifert explore Ethernet network testing tools and procedures, as well as how forward error correction (FEC) is used in IEEE and OIF-CEI Ethernet standards.

EPISODE 4: Ethernet Market Trends and 200 Gb/s Test Challenges

Keysight's data center experts, John Calvin and Charles Seifert, discuss the evolution of networking standards and hyperscale data centers, talk about power efficiency's importance to future standards, dive into how standards are developed, and describe potential testing challenges and how Keysight's solutions help solve them.

EPISODE 3: Solving Tough High-Speed Digital Test Challenges

Chris Rehorn, Keysight's hardware integrating manager in R&D for real-time oscilloscopes, shares some of the differences between NRZ and PAM4, the differences between DDR4 and DDR5, reviews USB4v2 designs, and explores how the UXR oscilloscope addresses all these challenges.

EPISODE 2: Challenges of Migrating from NRZ to PAM

Mike Beyers, Keysight's product planner for high-performance oscilloscopes, discusses the industry shift to pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) in digital standards. He highlights PAM's benefits over non-return-to-zero (NRZ) signaling, new testing challenges, and key specifications and analysis tools for PAM measurements, including 12-edge jitter, equalization, and forward error correction.

EPISODE 1: USB4 Version 2.0

Jit Lim, Keysight's program manager for USB solutions, shares the history of the USB standard, discusses how USB Type-C mandates will affect the consumer electronics industry, and identifies the biggest challenges developers will face with the new USB Version 2.0 standard.

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