New Perspectives with an Expanded Charging Test Portfolio

We are pleased to announce that Keysight Technologies and verisco GmbH ( have entered into an asset purchase agreement. Pursuant to the agreement, VERISCO's products and services are available through Keysight, and all VERISCO employees and former directors have become part of Keysight.

VERISCO, based in Dortmund, Germany, is a specialist in electric vehicle (EV) and EV supply equipment (EVSE) compliance solutions. The company designs and develops highly modular and automated test solutions for the verification of smart charging systems with the goal to advance interoperability of such complex systems to ultimately deliver reliable and secure EV charging customer experiences. It has a strong track record of developing test automation technologies that support the digital transformation and electrification of the automotive and transportation industry and is a key contributor to worldwide EV standardization efforts. VERISCO's interdisciplinary engineering team continuously contributes to international standardization communities in ISO and IEC and supports open test platforms like the International ISO 15118 Testing Symposium and CharIN Testivals.

The integration of VERISCO's test solutions to Keysight's EV Charging Test portfolio enhances our capability to provide innovative and industry-leading, mostly software-centric solutions for EV charging applications. This enables us to serve EV and EVSE customers with industry leading interoperability test solutions for the rapidly developing EV charging market focusing on DC fast charging applications for all major global standards.

Along with its test solutions, the entire highly specialized development team has also joined Keysight. This reinforcement of development resources enables us to provide the most complete Charging Test Solutions for all major charging standards first and to consolidate our global market leadership position and grow the business for the future.

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