Did you know that 95% of the instruments traded in with Keysight are refurbished to re-enter the market?

Realize the remaining value of your underutilized instruments while aligning with your organization's sustainable commitments:

  • trade your underutilized instruments for credit
  • save 20-50% on a new instrument
  • trade up to the latest technology

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At Keysight, We Share Your Commitment to Sustainability

Keysight's environmental programs are designed to conserve natural resources, reduce emissions, minimize waste, and prevent pollution. Trading in your underutilized instruments helps us achieve our sustainability goals of responsible disposal and re-purchase in the secondary market. With your support, we can help move towards a greener planet.

Keysight’s contribution to a circular economy starts with designing products that last up to 40 years, supported by our calibration and repair services.

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