RCal Improves Signal Analyzer Test Accuracy by 10X

Even short cables can cause losses at millimeter-wave frequencies. Using the U9361 RCal, you can now move the reference plane in the measurement system to the output of your device under test. Two modes allow the device to operate as an absolute power reference or as a comb generator for complex calibration.


Improve your test Rx system accuracy by an order of magnitude

Move reference plane

Seamlessly move reference plane to the output of the DUT

High Frequency

Models up to 110 GHz


Compact, USB-powered and controlled


Ultra-stable and repeatable, with precision factory calibration data inside

Complex modulation

Both magnitude and phase corrections with tunable, binary phase shift keying (BPSK) comb modulation


The Keysight U9361 RCal receiver calibrator allows you to correct linear errors in your signal analyzer measurement setup. Transfer absolute power accuracy (dBm) to your signal analyzer while generating flatness corrections in both magnitudes and phase up to 5 GHz IF bandwidths.


The palm-sized, USB-powered, and USB-controlled RCal gives you an ultra-stable reference and repeatable results. Seamlessly transfer precision factory calibration data to your Keysight X-Series signal analyzer over a USB connection. Drastically reduce the effort and complexity required to improve measurement accuracy for the test receiver system.


The U9361 RCal enables you to correct absolute power accuracy, magnitude flatness, and phase flatness with a single device. One RCal receiver calibrator eliminates the need for multiple pieces of test equipment to calibrate your signal analyzer.

See How to use the RCal

Magnitude, also known as scalar, calibration allows you to sweep across the range of your device. RCal then corrects for path loss and inaccuracies found in the signal path, leading to increased intermediate frequency (IF) flatness. Complex calibration allows for phase calibration.

Perform Complex Calibrations

Using the RCal for complex calibration allows you to correct phase errors in your calibration path up to 110 GHz. Find out how to perform this calibration in this demo video.

Where can I use the RCal?

X-Series Signal Analyzers

X-Series signal analyzers provide high-performance real-time to low-cost signal analysis up to 110 GHz and 5 GHz of analysis bandwidth. You can have the broadest set of measurement applications and upgradeability with 100% code-compatibility.

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