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L4-7 Multiplay Performance Test

  • Validate services, app delivery platforms, security appliances
  • Simulate real-world multiplay application traffic
  • Generate highest HTTP, SSL, and IPsec performance and scale


Wi-Fi Performance Test

  • Validate WLAN with comprehensive MU-MIMO testing
  • Simulate/analyze detailed radio frequency (RF) traffic
  • Assess quality of voice, video, UC, web, industry-specific applications


L2/3 Network Performance Test

  • Validate 1G to 400G Ethernet networks and devices
  • Simulate real-world application traffic used on networks today
  • Generate terabytes of data and analyze 4 million traffic flows

Ixia IoT

IoT Performance/Scale Test

  • Validate IoT devices and networks with RF channel modeling
  • Emulate real-world networks — hospitals, conference centers
  • Assess performance over distance, roams, ecosystems, interference, etc.


Application and Security Test

  • Validate the security posture of networks and devices
  • Simulate 400+ real-world apps, 38,000+ attacks and malware
  • Generate 2.4 Tbps, 1.4 billion sessions, and 42 million CPS