With the global 5G network rollout, dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) between 4G and 5G is a focal point for mobile network operators. DSS enables the quick and cost-effective build out of robust 5G services, with broad coverage areas, using existing spectrum in mid- and low-band frequencies. We can help you test the DSS capability of your base stations to ensure the simultaneous transmission of LTE and 5G New Radio (NR) services in the same 4G band.


PathWave Signal Generation

Create signals that conform to 3GPP 5G NR standards

PathWave VSA Software

Explore every facet of a signal and optimize your designs


To gain a competitive advantage in today’s market, you need to monitor and improve the experience of your customers. Nemo field measurement solutions provide quality-of-experience (QoE) metrics for the services and applications your customers actually use. We can help you verify and troubleshoot new services so that you can get them to market faster.

Nemo Outdoor 5G NR
Drive Test Solution

Optimize the performance and quality of your mobile networks

Nemo Handy Handheld
Measurement Solution

Ensure the quality and end-user satisfaction of your mobile networks

Nemo Analyze Drive Test
Post Processing Solution

Improve network quality and end-user service with effective analysis of wireless network parameters

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M9384B VXG Microwave Signal Generator

Generate 3GPP 5G NR standard-compliant signals with channel coding and multi-antenna port support

N9040B UXA Signal Analyzer

Ensure measurement integrity and repeatable results
from 2 Hz to 50 GHz

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