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How to Electrify Aerospace and Defense with State-of-the-Art Design and Test Solutions



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The pdf document is a brochure for Keysight's solutions for electrifying aerospace and defense, which help design and test engineers to meet the challenges and opportunities of electric-powered ground, airborne, and marine vehicles. The brochure covers the following topics: - The benefits of electrification for defense and commercial aerospace organizations, such as reducing fossil fuel dependence, lowering maintenance costs, enhancing battlefield mobility, and addressing sustainability issues. - The requirements for electric-powered vehicles, such as compatible charging standards, high-capacity and high-density energy storage devices, and efficient power conversion and inverters. - The design and test solutions that Keysight offers for each element of electric-powered vehicles, such as charging technologies, batteries, battery management systems, inverters, power devices, power analyzers, and power emulators. The brochure showcases Keysight's products such as the Scienlab Charging Discovery System, the Self-Discharge Analyzer, the Dynamic Power Device Analyzer / Double-Pulse Tester, the Regenerative 3-Phase AC Emulator, and more. - The services that Keysight provides to minimize risk and ensure accurate and repeatable measurements across the design, manufacturing, and sustainment lifecycle, such as calibration and repair services. - The reasons why Keysight is a trusted partner in electrifying aerospace and defense, such as its expertise in power electronics, its collaboration with industry stakeholders, its comprehensive portfolio of solutions, and its global support network. To learn more about the solutions, visit the following links: - How to Electrify Aerospace and Defense with State-of-the-Art Design and Test Solutions: - Electric Vehicles: - Aerospace Defense: - Power Electronics: To order or request a quote for the solutions, contact Keysight sales at: - Phone: 1 800 829 4444 (US) or +800 829 44444 (International) - Email: - Web:
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