Infiniium EXR and MXR-Series Oscilloscopes: Quickly Find and Identify Hidden Signal Errors

Application Notes

Save Time and Resources

An oscilloscope is critical for testing new designs, troubleshooting unexpected behavior, and making quality measurements against accepted standards and specifications. Keysight’s Fault Hunter automatically searches for hidden signal anomalies and is a standard feature on the Keysight Infiniium EXR- and MXR-Series oscilloscopes. Using the Fault Hunter function saves critical test time with advanced and intuitive features so you can increase confidence in your designs via more comprehensive test results.


Fault hunting


Troubleshooting, testing design ideas, or performing quality assurance is time-consuming. If you do not know what you are looking for in a problematic signal, you could spend hours trying to find it. The Infiniium EXR-Series oscilloscope learns the signal first to determine which sections of the signal are anomalies. Fault Hunter automatically determines what is typical of the signal under test based on measurements like pulse width, rise time, and fall time.


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