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34970A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit Family

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  • The 34972A will be discontinued on June 1, 2020. The last day to place order for this product is May 31, 2020. The discontinuance does not include modules offered. Keysight will continue to provide world-class support for this product for the standard period of 5 years.
  • The 34970A will be discontinued on June 1, 2021. The last day to place order for this product is May 31, 2021. The discontinuance does not include modules offered. Keysight will continue to provide world-class support for this product for the standard period of 5 years.

At a fraction of the cost of other standalone data acquisition systems

  • 3-slot mainframe with built-in 6½ digit DMM
  • 8 optional switch and control plug-in modules
  • Measures and converts 11 different input signals: temperature with thermocouples, RTDs and thermistors; dc/ac volts; 2- and
  • 4-wire resistance; frequency and period; dc/ac current
  • IO options for easy connectivity to your PC:
  • 34970A: GPIB, RS-232
  • 34972A: LAN, USB
  • Graphical Web interface for point and click monitor and control (34972A)
  • USB flash drive support to copy/log data in standalone applications (34972A)
  • Includes BenchVue DAQ software to configure and control tests, display results and collect data for further analysis


Price and performance beyond compare

Go ahead and compare the Keysight Technologies, Inc. 34970A and 34972A Data Acquisition/Switch Units with other data acquisition systems currently available. You’ll find it hard to come up with a system that offers the powerful measurement performance, flexibility, connectivity options and ease of use of the 34970A/34972A—even in systems costing three to five times as much.

What can you expect from a data acquisition system that’s this affordable? Measurements you can trust We took the measurement engine from our best-selling benchtop DMM and embedded it inside a 3-slot mainframe. You get the benefit of proven Keysight measurement performance, universal inputs with built-in signal conditioning, and modular flexibility, all in a low-cost, compact data acquisition package. The 34970A/34972A features 6½ digits (22 bits) of resolution, 0.004% basic dcV accuracy, and ultra-low reading noise. Combine that with scan rates of up to 250 channels/sec, and you’ve got the speed and accuracy you need to get the job done right the first time.

Built-in signal conditioning to get your job done

Whether you need to measure temperature, ac/dc volts, resistance, frequency, or current, the 34970A/34972A can handle it. The internal autoranging DMM directly measures 11 different functions, eliminating the need for expensive external signal conditioning. And our unique design allows complete per channel configurability for maximum flexibility and quick, easy set up. It’s like having an independent, high-performance DMM behind each channel.

Standard connectivity to the PC

Whether you use GPIB, RS-232, LAN or USB interfaces, the 34970A/34972A family offers easy connection to the PC. The 34970A offers traditional GPIB and RS-232 interfaces. The 34972A has built-in Gigabit LAN and USB 2.0 so you can connect to a modern PC without having to purchase any GPIB cards, cables or converter boxes. With the standard LAN connections, you also get the added benefit of a graphical Web interface for easy configuration of measurements and monitoring of results using a standard Web browser.

Convenient data storage with USB flash drive

The 34972A also features a built-in USB memory port so that you can use a USB flash drive to upload BenchLink Data Logger configurations into the 34972A and collect data without being connected to a PC. Data can be logged directly to the USB flash drive, extending your instrument’s memory, or copied from internal memory for transfer to a computer in another location.

Easy to use graphical Web interface (34972A only)

The built-in graphical Web interface provides easy access and control of the instrument using a Java-enabled Web browser such as Internet Explorer. Using this interface you can configure measurements, define and execute scan lists, or monitor measurement results from anywhere on the network. Simply enter the instrument host name or IP address into the browser URL and gain access to the instrument’s capabilities with simple point and click control right in your browser.

  • Specify per channel measurement configuration
  • Define and execute switch scans
  • Open, close, or monitor switch positions
  • Monitor measurement readings
  • View and save data
  • Send SCPI commands and view IO command log
  • View error queue
  • View instrument information like module configuration, relay counts, firmware revisions, and more

Additionally, since the Web interface is built into the instrument, you can access it on any operating system that supports a Web browser without having to install any special software.

Password protection and LAN lock out are also provided to limit access. The graphical Web interface makes it easy to configure measurements, set up and execute scans or troubleshoot your designs from anywhere on the network.

BenchVue DAQ software saves you time and money

Now you don’t have to spend your valuable time writing or configuring software. Keysight BenchVue DAQ software gives you a familiar Microsoft Windows interface for test configuration and real-time data display and analysis. Even better, the data logging application is included with every standard Keysight 34970A/34972A.


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