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11920/1/2 Series 1, 1.85, 2.4 mm Coaxial Adapters

Technical Overviews

Technical Overview


  • Increased measurement versatility
  • Ease-of-use for On Wafer and Coaxial measurements


Increased measurement versatility


For Microwave and RF engineers making coax measurements at 50, 67 or 110 GHz, the Keysight Technologies, Inc. 11920/1/2 series 1 mm adapters provide an easy way of measuring coaxial devices at high frequencies. The 11920 A/B/C, 1 mm to 1 mm are designed for the measurement of components with 50 ohm 1 mm connectors. The 11921 E/F/G/H, 1 mm to 1.85 mm and the 11922 A/B/C/D, 1 mm to 2.4 mm are intended to be used as general purpose adapters that are versatile and interchangeable. These adapters increase the capability needed to use test systems, such as the N5250A millimeter-wave PNASeries.


Ease of use for On Wafer and Coaxial measurements


Each connector has an air dielectric interface and a center conductor that is supported by a low-loss plastic bead. Available with male and female connectors, these 1 mm adapters provide ease-of-use for microwave engineers who need to connect their test systems. The 1 mm adapters allow engineers to make fewer connections directly to their test port while maintaining the accuracy of their test system.


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