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Understanding GSM/EDGE Transmitter and Receiver Measurements for Base Transceiver Stations

Application Notes

This application note presents the fundamental RF parametric measurements necessary to characterize GSM/EDGE base transceiver stations and their components. The principles cover all GSM bands (P-GSM900, DCS1800, E-GSM900, R-GSM900, GSM450, GSM480, GSM850, MXM850, PCS1900 and MXM1900). Specific examples reference E-GSM900.


These measurements are widely used today, but new test equipment is making them easier to perform, faster and more precise. This note aims to enhance the reader’s understanding of GSM/EDGE measurements so they can be used and optimized appropriately. It is also intended as a useful reference for engineers in manufacturing, research and development and field service.


As far as possible, graphics are used to represent the theory behind each measurement and the test limits applied. For each measurement, pictorial examples of setup, method and specification limits are given. These have been derived from the ETSI and ANSI standards.


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