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Infiniium 9000 H-Series High-Definition Oscilloscopes

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See Your Signals in HD

The high-definition Keysight Technologies, Inc. 9000 H-Series oscilloscope offers up to 12 bits of resolution, which represents 4096 quantization levels, for precision signal viewing. The 9000 H-Series’ combination of hypersampling and linear noise reduction technology achieves a noise level up to three times lower than traditional 8-bit oscilloscopes. Engineered to provide low noise and high-dynamic-range measurement capability, these scopes also offer comprehensive measurement capability with MSO upgrades, a variety of apps, and compatibility with Keysight’s probing portfolio.

What is an HD oscilloscope?

  • High-definition scopes offer > 8 bits of vertical resolution to reveal more signal detail.
  • High-definition scopes must have significantly lower noise to view small detail normally masked by scope noise.
  • MSO, application options, and probes give HD scopes greater utility.

Uncover detail normally masked by scope noise. Infiniium 9000 H-Series hypersampling combined with linear averaging technology reduces noise by up to 3X versus 8-bit scopes of equivalent bandwidth.

Need to customize your scope?

The H-Series offers a wide range of debug, analysis, and compliance apps, along with MSO upgrades and ultrasensitive probes.

How does hypersampling and linear noise reduction work?

For traditional oscilloscopes, as a signal under test passes through the oscilloscope, front-end noise from the scope gets added to the signal, acquired, stored and displayed as shown below.

As small V/div values or in high-dynamic range measurements, this approach is problematic as oscilloscopes noise can mask small signal detail.

What Makes the 9000H a Great HD Scope?

Keysight’s first high-definition scope, the 9000 H-Series, is built on Keysight’s highly-successful 9000 Series frame. The 9000H incorporates two pieces of noise reduction technology not found natively in other Infiniium scopes.

Comprehensive Measurement Capability

In addition to precise waveform viewing, 9000 H-Series models incorporate the powerful scope capability found in all Infiniium oscilloscopes.

Advanced triggering

Advanced triggers are essential when you are investigating suspected problems. Infiniium offers a full range of advanced triggers to help you isolate and capture the condition you need to characterize. The 9000 H-Series simplifies trigger setups by using intuitive dialog boxes with descriptive graphics.

Drag and drop measurements

It’s simple: drag an icon from the measurement bar and drop it on the cycle you want to measure. You can make up to ten measurements on your waveforms. All of the measurements appear at the bottom of the display with statistics and are color-coded to the channel you are measuring.

Responsive deep memory

With standard 100 Mpts (2-ch) of memory, 9000 H-Series oscilloscopes include the deepest standard memory in the industry. You can capture long time periods while retaining fast sample rates.

I2C/SPI serial trigger and decode (N5391B or Option 007 on new scope purchases)

This application displays real-time time-aligned decode of I2C and SPI serial buses. Hardware-based triggering means triggering reliably, even on the most infrequent events.This application works on all models and can use any combination of scope or logic acquisition channels.For more information:

SVID protocol trigger and decode (N8812A or option 46 on new scope purchases)

This application includes a suite of configurable protocol-level trigger conditions specific to SVID. When serial triggering is selected, the application enables special real-time triggering hardware to ensure the oscilloscope never misses a trigger when armed.

The multi-tab protocol viewer includes correlation between the waveforms and the selected packet, enabling you to quickly move between the physical and protocol layer information using the time-correlated tracking marker.

For more information:

eMMC Compliance testing (N6465A or option 64 on new scope purchases)

Use the eMMC application to test, debug and characterize your eMMC designs quickly and easily. It automatically configures the oscilloscope for each test and generates an informative HTML report at the end of the test. The application not only compares the results with the specification test limit but also includes margin analysis, which indicates how closely the device passes or fails each test. On top of that, the complex analysis of the eMMC signals is taken care of by the application, which saves the time and effort it would have taken to do the measurements manually.

For more information:


Industry compatibility

Export screen shots and waveforms in numerous industry-standard formats.In addition, the 9000 H-Series supports compatibility with the following

  • IVI COM driver for application development environments such as Visual Studio, Keysight VEE, NI LabView and MATLAB instrument control toolbox.
  • IntuiLink tool bars and data capture.
  • LXI Class C including built-in Web control
  • NI LabView PnP and IVI drives

Developing a battery powered product? Need to make your design more green and energy efficient? You need to make high-sensitivity, low-level current measurements to ensure the current consumption of your design is within acceptable limits.

We’ve designed the N2820A Series high-sensitivity current probes for you. Unlike tradi­tional current probes, these are the industry’s first that are designed using sense resistors. The result? You’ll make the highest-sensitivity current measurements with the widest dynamic range. The probes offer multiple ways to con­nect to your target and precisely view currents as small as 50 uA.


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