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Transformer Ratio Measurements and Calibration

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Decade ratio transformers are used in the calibration of voltmeters, servo components, and devices that require precise division of AC signals in the audio frequency range. Calibration methods for ratio transformers have been described in many papers (1, 2). Most of the methods are based on comparison measurement between a device under test (DUT) and a standard ratio transformer at each setting using a bridge. These methods require some isolation transformers to reduce stray capacitive loads on the ratio transformers. The stray capacitive loads degrade the incremental linearity of the calibration system due to the output impedance of the ratio transformer. The measurement uncertainty of the DUT is mainly determined from the measurement uncertainty of the standard and the ratio between a signal source output voltage and detector resolution. The calibration method proposed does not require any isolation transformer and is simple. It realizes a semi automatic calibration system using a commercially available precision capacitance bridge.


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