34450A Multimeter 5.5 Digit Dual Display, Benchtop DMM

Data Sheets


Fast reading speed of up to 190 readings/sec

  • 0.015% DCV accuracy
  • Multiple connectivity options – USB 2.0, Serial Interface (RS-232) and GPIB
  • 11 measurement functions; DC voltage & current, True RMS AC voltage & current, 2- and 4-wire resistance, frequency, continuity, diode test, capacitance and temperature
  • Ultra-bright OLED with dual display capability
  • Up to 50,000 memory points for data logging
  • Built-in Histogram function
  • With Fluke 45 and Fluke 8808A code compatibility
  • BenchVue now included

Achieve Throughput Breakthrough

Turbo charge your production line with the 34450A digital multimeter. With its fast speed of up to 190 readings per second you can now increase your manufacturing throughput tremendously. Get highly accurate, repeatable and trustworthy measurements with the 0.015% DCV accuracy designed to meet general industrial and educational needs.

Intuitive and multipurpose device

The 34450A is an intuitive and easy to use tool that provides a wide range of measurement functions such as DC voltage, DC current, True RMS AC voltage and AC current, 2-wire and 4-wire resistance, frequency, diode test, continuity, capacitance and temperature. Simplify your day-to-day task with up to 50,000 memory points, allowing you to capture and log up to 14 hours of data. Built-in with histogram and basic statistical functions, you can now do simple data analysis within the unit itself. With its ultra-bright OLED dual display, different measurements can be performed ensuring you get the right readings at first glance.

More flexibility with multiple connectivity

Multiple connectivity options such as USB 2.0, Serial Interface (RS-232) and GPIB port provides greater flexibility to connect DMM to a PC for data access and retrieval for analysis. With the option to connect to a PC, this enables the 34450A to work with Keysight Connectivity software and can be controlled remotely via SCPI commands or Command Expert. The IVI-COM driver is also included to ensure an easy integration with different programming environments.

Easy migration

Upgrading your obsoleted DMM is made easy with minimal changes to test program. To ensure both forward and backward compatibility, the 34450A includes SCPI, Fluke 45 or Fluke 8808A commands. Experience a quick, easy and painless migration as it allows you to quickly transfer your existing test programs on the Keysight 34450A.

BenchVue Software (Now included)

Data capture simplified. Click. Capture. Done.

BenchVue software for the PC makes it simple to connect, control, capture and view Keysight's DMMs simultaneously with other Keysight bench instruments with no additional programming.

  • Visualize multiple measurements simultaneously
  • Easily log data, screen shots and system state
  • Rapidly prototype custom test sequences
  • Recall past state of your bench to replicate results
  • Export measurement data in desired format fast
  • Quickly access manuals, drivers, FAQs and videos
  • Monitor and control bench from mobile devices

The Digital Multimeter App within BenchVue enables control of digital multimeters to visualize measurements, perform unrestricted data logging and statistical analysis.


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