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90000 X-Series Real-Time Oscilloscopes

Configuration Guides

Configure your high performance real-time oscilloscope solution today

This step-by-step process will help you configure your 90000 X-Series Oscilloscope. Capabilities that are listed as standard come with the instrument at no additional charge. Use option numbers when ordering at the time of purchase. Use model numbers to add to an existing scope. For detailed specifications, refer to the 90000 X-Series data sheet (5990-5271EN).

DSO & MSO models come with 20 Mpts memory standard

DSA models come with 50 Mpts memory, EZJIT, EZJIT+, EZJIT

Complete and Serial Data Analysis standard

MSO models come with a fully integrated 16 channel logic analyzer standard

13, 16, and 20 GHz models come with adapters rated to 25 GHz standard, all other models come with adapters rated to 35 GHz

Achieve Your Real Edge

Having the right amount of oscilloscope bandwidth ensures accurate measurements. If you have too much bandwidth, oscilloscope noise becomes a contributor in your measurement. With too little bandwidth, rise times are improperly depicted. Use the chart below to find the correct oscilloscope bandwidth for the devices you are measuring.


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