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Rapidly increasing worldwide demand for video and data transfer is placing new requirements for network expansion. Designers are creating innovative network elements that allow up to 100 Gb/s, which will be delivered using four lanes of 25 to 28 Gb/s. Extra challenges abound when transferring these signals on printed circuit boards, even for short distances. The Implementation Agreement for Optical Internetworking Forum Common Electrical Interface (OIF CEI) specifies the tests and limits for these devices.

These parameters can take a full day when characterized manually, and the recalculation of factors and CTLE values adds to the time the designer spends on testing. Keysight Technologies, Inc. has created the N1012A OIF CEI 3.1 Compliance and Debug Application for you to simplify measurement of these transmitter parameters and to obtain full results to test limits in a few minutes. This will keep you focused on getting your products to market knowing that your results are built on the heritage and consistency of Keysight measurement technology.

Easy-to-use compliance application that enables you to:

Quickly set up equipment and make transmitter measurements

Test your device to compliance or chosen limits

Debug your device using custom configurations

Remove effects of cables and fixtures

Automatically determine optimal value of CTLE Peaking

Generate reports to share with others

Choose your hardware

Configure your oscilloscope for a single module (on the right) or multi-module (listed in ordering guide). Connect your device through the recommended phase trimmers and you now have access to measurements with intrinsic jitter as low as 45 fs. Also have the PNA available for return loss and differential to common mode measurements.

Select any OIF CEI Interface

The N1012A OIF CEI Compliance Application covers all nine OIF CEI 3.1 interfaces, which include rates from 4.9 Gb/s to 28.1 Gb/s. Click on the desired interface and the appropriate tests are offered in Select Tests.

Configure your measurements

Customize parameters that are specific to your set-up such as baud rate and attenuation. Use default values or enter your own for settings such as number of samples or patterns taken and peaking for CTLE. Choose Normal mode to test within compliance limits and choose Debug mode to test to your custom limits.

Choose from over 140 tests

All tests required for each of the eight interfaces are available. You may click on all tests, a group of tests or individual tests. The full test name appears in the test list, and also is shown in the test results and reports. A description of the test and reference to the CEI Implementation Agreement are shown for each test.

Measure challenging parameters fast

Simply follow the steps and click Run Tests. The N1012A and the DCA will automatically measure your device.

Use a wide range of modules such as the 86108, N1045A and N1055A, as well as the DCA-M oscilloscope. Characterize jitter for PRBS31 signals with integrated Option 401. Remove the effects of cables and fixtures by using convenient Configure choices.

See device performance in one view

In a few minutes, you’ll have test results showing which parameters passed or failed, and the margin compared to limits. These results will provide immediate insights into how you’ll need to improve your design to meet the challenging tests in the OIF CEI 3.1 Implementation Agreements.

Obtain concise compliance report

Users and customers are interested in the performance of your device. Share a report that shows the test conditions, summary of pass/fail, summary of all tests, and details for each test. Many include an appropriate screen shot of the measured parameter.

Control your device or other equipment

The Automation tab enables you to enter commands to control external devices or equipment, and to further sequence your tests or to control timing.


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