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N4373D 43.5/50/67 GHz Single-Mode Lightwave Component Analyzer for 40/100G Electro-Optical Test

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General Information

The Keysight’s Technologies, Inc. N4373D Lightwave Component Analyzer (LCA), based on the new N522xA PNA Microwave Network Analyzer series offers a modulation bandwidth of 43.5/50/67 GHz which makes it the ideal choice to develop and characterize electro-optical components, for 40G/100GbE and the upcoming 400G and 1 Tbit/s transmission systems.


For these modern optical transmission systems with advanced modulation schemes it is key for the electro-optical components to have very flat S21 transfer function in amplitude and delay. This

performance can be achieved only with electro-optical S-parameter test as provided by the N4373D LCA.

In addition fast, accurate, repeatable and traceable characterization of these electro-optical

components, like lasers, modulators and detectors and integrated receivers is required, to guarantee the performance with respect to modulation bandwidth, jitter, gain, and distortion.

By optimizing the electrical and the optical design of the N4373D for lowest noise and ripple, the

accuracy has been improved by more than a factor of 2, compared to the widely used, the 86030A 50GHz LCA. This increased accuracy improves the yield from tests performed with the N4373D by narrowing margins needed to pass the tested devices.

This advanced design together with temperature-stabilized transmitter and receiver ensures repeatable measurements over hours without recalibration.

Turn-key solution

The fully integrated “turn-key” N4373D helps reduce time to market, compared to the time-consuming development of a self-made setup. In addition you get a fully specified easy transferable and reliable test instrument. With guaranteed specifications Keysight takes the responsibility to provide you with accurate and traceable test results that can only be achieved in a turn-key solution.

High productivity

The N4373D achieves fast measurements by including the N522xA PNA Microwave Network Analyzer. A unique new calibration concept significantly reduces setup time to a maximum of several minutes, depending on the selected measurement parameters. This results in increased productivity in R&D or on the manufacturing floor.

Using the advanced measurement capabilities of the network analyzer, all S-parameter related

characteristics of the device under test, like responsivity and 3 dB-cutoff frequency, can be qualified with the new N4373D Lightwave Component Analyzer from 10 MHz to 43.5/50/67 GHz.

Network analyzer

The N4373D LCA is based on the new N522xA PNA Series network analyzer with an identical and well known user interface across all Keysight network analyzers.

Key benefits

High absolute and relative accuracy measurements improve the yield of development and production processes. With the excellent accuracy and reproducibility, measurement results can be compared among test locations world wide

Traceable balanced measurements up to 67 GHz

High confidence and fast time-to-market with a NIST-traceable turnkey solution

Significantly increased productivity using the fast and easy measurement setup with an unique new calibration process leads to lower cost of test

External optical source input option to test at customer selected wavelength

Common PNA and LCA user interface across all N437xD LCA series

Identical LCA software and remote control across the N437xB/D family simplifies integration and backward compatibility to N437xB/C series


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