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Advanced Model Analysis (AMA)



Advanced Model Analysis (AMA) performs model validation and analysis functions related to layout dependent effects (LDEs) in cutting-edge process technologies. It provides the solution for co-validation of SPICE models and LVS decks. AMA integrates a complete low including layout generation, layout extraction, SPICE simulation, data analysis and reporting.

The AMA platform consists of all the blocks needed for process design kit (PDK) veriication including test structure generation, layout extraction, SPICE simulation and data analysis. The platform can be tuned for different applications. For example, MQA is focused on the last two blocks, SPICE simulation and Data Analysis, and if no simulation is needed, the user can tune the platform for verifying the extraction decks. Normally when running AMA, all the four blocks are included and each block is independent of each other. The four blocks are:

Layout Generation Block

– To generate the test structures Design of Experiments (DOE) automatically according to user specification.

Layout Extraction Block

– To extract the generated layout into a SPICE netlist. Extraction decks can be decks with or without a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) implementation, with or without parasitic extraction.

SPICE Simulation Block

– To plug in the SPICE model and call SPICE simulators to run the simulation. y

Data Analysis Block

– To plot and analyze the data generated by the previous blocks.

Key Features

Rule Driven

– All the involved blocks are driven by simple rule iles

Built-in layout generator based on SKILL language

Powerful graphics and analysis functions

Flexible tool interface

– Including interface of physical veriication tools, DFM tools and SPICE simulators

Independent blocks

– All the involved blocks are independent in order to improve running eficiency


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