Column Control DTX

6060B and 6063B Single-Input 250 to 300 W Electronic Loads, GPIB

Data Sheets

Maximize throughput with real-life loading condition

• Cost-effective for single input applications

• Convenient optional front panel input connection

The 6060B and 6063B each provides one load input. This is more convenient for single input applications than a mainframe product.

These electronic loads are particularly suited for the lab bench. Entering commands manually using the front panel keypad is simpler because the channel does not need to be specified, as in a mainframe configuration. The keypad entry is further simplified because these products do not have the downloadable LIST feature of the N3300A Series, which helps to maximize production throughput. Extensive protection is included to help protect your valuable prototypes under test. This includes overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, overpower, and reverse polarity.

These loads are suitable for manufacturing test systems where maximizing speed is not critical. They use industry standard SCPI instructions, and also have VXIplug&play drivers to simplify system design. For the greatest speed and accuracy in programming and measurement, see the N3300A series of DC electronic loads.


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Column Control DTX