Column Control DTX

6650A Series Single-Output, 500 W DC Power Supplies, GPIB

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This series of 500 W linear-regulated DC power supplies is designed to maximize the throughput of DUTs through the manufacturing test process with fast up and down programming time.

Valuable assemblies can be destroyed by a minor component failure that causes a surge of current to flow into the DUT. Fast protection features, including fast crowbar, mode crossover protection, and the ability to connect the protection circuitry of multiple power supplies can increase production yield.

Programming of the DC output and the protection features can be done either from the front panel or using industry standard SCPI commands, via the GPIB. Using the serial link, up to 16 power supplies can be connected through one GPIB address. Test system integration can be further simplified be using the VXIplug&play drivers. The output voltage and current can also be controlled with analog signals. This is helpful for certain types of noisy environments, and also immediate reactions to process changes.

Lab bench use is enhanced by the fan speed control, which helps to minimize acoustic noise.


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Column Control DTX