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N77-Series Optical Switches

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The Keysight Technologies, Inc. N77-Series optical switches are available for both single-mode and multimode fiber test applications. The excellent repeatability, compact format and flexible control interfacing support high-performance automated setups. The multimode switch has excellent mode fidelity.

N7731A: dual 1x4 switch

N7734A: 1x13 switch

Compact Stand-Alone Switches

These instruments are used for automatic routing of optical signals for testing devices like tranceivers, amplifiers, and passive components. Optical switches optimize the investment in automated test equipment by improving repeatability and throughput and supporting parallel measurements of multiport and multiple devices.

Switching Reduces Uncertainty from Connections and Eases Automation

Test Automation

These switches can be used to avoid repeated reconnections during your measurements and are critical to automated procedures. The excellent switching repeatability assures that the signal level is constant from cycle to cycle. The low IL and PDL and high repeatability assure minimum impact of the switch on measurement accuracy. A typical setup may use a 1x4 switch to select among several source wavelengths in a test, while avoiding the time delay for power stabilization if each source must be cycled on and off. Or the same digital signal may be switched among several instruments, like a power meter, DCA or BERT.

Parallel testing for test throughput and efficient use of instruments

In many cases, valuable signal source and analysis instrumentation can be used more effectively in a parallel-test configuration. For example, multiple cables or components can be tested together during temperature cycling. On the other hand, an increasing use of inherently parallel components, as for optical interconnections for 40G or 100G using 10 Gb/s components, calls for identical testing in multiple paths. These are well supported by the 1x13 switch configuration and the 13th path can often be used as a permanent reference path.

Modal Fidelity for Multimode Fiber Systems Signals in multimode fibers are distributed over a range of mode groups that can have different loss and delay in a link. For dependable multimode transceiver testing, the instrument used to set the power level should not change this modal distribution. The Keysight multimode switches are designed with very short collimated paths between fiber, so signals propagate in practically the same distribution as through uninterrupted multimode fiber.


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