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8990B Peak Power Analyzer and N1923A/N1924A Wideband Power Sensors

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Faster Measurement Speed and Greater Measurement Accuracy

Skip the complicated setup and go straight to making measurements with the 8990B peak power analyzer from Keysight Technologies, Inc.This instrument offers faster measurement speed and greater measurement accuracy in key applications such as radar pulse analysis and wireless pulse measurement.Designed with both ease of use and high performance in mind, the 8990B peak power analyzer does more than just measure and analyze – it saves you time and effort, letting you focus on the important details.

8990B Peak Power Analyzer Key Features

–Capture short radar pulses accurately with a 5 nanosecond overall rise time/fall time – the fastest rise time/fall time in the peak power measurement market – when the 8990B peak power analyzer is paired with the either the N1923A or N1924A wideband power sensor.

  • A high sampling rate of 100 MSa/s lets you measure samples faster and view trace displays in high resolution
  • Analyze a full range of parameters with 15 pulse characterization measurements, including duty cycle, rise time, pulse top, pulse width, PRI and PRF
  • Verify design problems quickly with a 15-inch XGA color display that is capable of simultaneously displaying four channel results for more image detail, and manipulate data directly with a few touches of your finger with the touchscreen capability
  • Save time and eliminate inaccurate readings with the internal zero and calibration function
  • Continuously trigger and capture up to 512 pulses with the new multi-pulse measurement feature
  • Color coded channels allow you to pick out the channel data points of interest at a glance
  • Easily calculate the Power-Added Efficiency (PAE) of power amplifiers, and display instant PAE traces on the 8990B’s display

Graphical User Interface Overview

Measurement screen

The main measurement screen is capable of displaying up to four traces: two RF traces, and two video traces (the triggering signal).Results are shown in the panel directly under the graphical window, with measurements displayed in the same color as the channel to which it corresponds.When a USB sensor is connected, the results for this additional channel can be overlaid on the same graphical window in compact mode, The main screen also features a soft panel key to the side of the graphical window, which lists the 15 pulse characterization measurements for quick measurement analysis.Users can select these measurement parameters via the touchscreen display, or by using the mouse.

Delay measurement

Perform delay measurements by pressing the Delay Measurement button on the soft panel key and two vertical markers will automatically detect the first pulse of the traces.The time delay between the two traces will be displayed in the measurement panel below the graphical window.

Droop measurement

The 8990B is the first peak power analyzer on the market to offer automated Pulse Droop measurement, which measures the amplitude degradation of the pulse top.This eliminates the need to manually manipulate the horizontal markers to make this measurement.Access the Pulse Droop measurement via the soft panel key.


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