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M9536A AXIe Embedded Controller

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The Keysight Technologies, Inc. M9536A is the world’s first AXIe embedded controller which enables new capabilities not previously available and provides a high-performance, compact platform solution.

Product description

The Keysight M9536A is a powerful, one-slot module that can be used to build compact AXIe systems. It easily integrates into hybrid test systems using GP-IB, USB, and LAN with the built-in front panel interfaces and an optional USB/GP-IB converter such as the Keysight 82357B.

The embedded controller is built upon a high-performance Intel Xeon quad-core processor with Hyper- Threading Technology. This makes the embedded controller perfect for high-performance applications and multi-tasking environments.


  • Aerospace and defense
  • Communications
  • Computation
  • Electronic test
  • High-energy physics


  • Intel Xeon EP Quad Core L5518 processor at 2.13 GHz
  • 1-slot AXIe module
  • 160 GB solid-state drive
  • 8 GB RAM memory with a 16 GB option
  • Gen 2 x4 PCIe link to AXIe backplane providing 2 GB/s max data bandwidth
  • Front panel connections with USB (3), 10/100/1000 LAN (2), VGA (up to 1600x1200), and serial port
  • One AXIe LAN channel
  • Support for Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)

Easy Setup … Test … and Maintenance

Hardware platform

Hardware overview

Based on the Intel Xeon processor with Hyper-Threading Technology, the M9536A is ideal for modular applications requiring high performance and the compact size of an embedded computer.

 Quad-core processor

The M9536A architecture is built using the Intel Xeon L5518 quad-core processor as its basis. This processor utilizes the Intel Hyper-Threading Technology with a total of 8 simultaneous threads. Use a multi-tasking operating system, such as Microsoft Windows 7, to take full advantage of capabilities of this processor.


The M9536A has three 240-pin RDIMM memory sockets which support DDR3-1333 REG/ECC RAM. Each socket can support memory modules up to 8 GB for a total memory capacity of 24 GB. The standard configuration utilizes a single 8 GB memory module with an option to add a second 8 GB module. This leaves an empty socket for future upgradeability.

Solid-state drive

A 160 GB solid-state drive is included standard with the M9536A. This drive provides superior reliability compared to a conventional rotating hard drive.


The Keysight M9536A has an integrated ATI ES1000 2D graphics controller to provide an analog VGA port on the front panel. This graphics controller is capable of UXGA resolution up to 1600 x 1200.

Peripheral I/O

The embedded controller provides I/O connections to both the front panel and the AXIe backplane. The front panel contains connectors for USB 2.0, UXGA graphics, Gigabit Ethernet, and RS-232. Connections to the AXIe backplane include both Gigabit Ethernet and Gen2 x4 PCIe. The controller can be connected to GP-IB instruments using an external USB/GP-IB converter such as the Keysight 82357B.


The M9536A embedded controller is AXIe 1.0 compliant. It does not provide the chassis management functions of the AXIe system module but does provide additional processing power for the chassis. Hence, it should be installed in a secondary hub-slot in an AXIe chassis such as slot #1 in the Keysight M9502A or M9505A.

Easy maintenance and support

The M9536A is easy to maintain or upgrade. Simply detach a panel to remove and install memory or replace the solid-state drive. The SSD contains a recovery partition that can be used to restore the drive to the factory default conditions.

Software platform

The embedded controller supports Microsoft Windows operating systems and comes with the selected operating system and M9502A/M9505A drivers installed. Keysight I/O libraries, including VISA, Keysight Connection Expert, and I/O monitor, are also pre-installed.


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