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N28xxA/B Passive Probes

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The Keysight N28xxA/B low-cost, general-purpose passive probes provide up to 500 MHz bandwidth and feature a high input resistance of 10 MΩ for low probe loading.

These probes provide a 10:1 attenuation ratio except for the N2889A which provides a switch in the probe handle for switching the attenuation ratio between 1:1 and 10:1.

The probes are compatible with Keysight InfiniiVision and Infiniium Series oscilloscopes with 1 MΩ BNC input.

The N284xA Series passive probes are the frequency tuned versions of the N2862B/63B/89A/90A, offering more linear frequency response with Keysight oscilloscopes.

Compensation Adjustments

These probes can be adjusted for low-frequency and high-frequency compensation. For the best measurement results you should compensate your probe to match its characteristics to the oscilloscope.

A poorly compensated probe can introduce measurement errors. Low-frequency compensation should be performed before performing high-frequency compensation.

Low-frequency compensation

1. Connect the probe from the appropriate oscilloscope channel to the 1-kHz square wave source.

2. Press Autoscale. Adjust the oscilloscope to display two to three cycles of the waveform over two to six vertical divisions.

3. Set the low-frequency (LF) compensation adjustment on the probe for the flattest pulse possible.

N2856A passive probe accessory kit

The N2856A passive probe accessory kit includes all of the standard accessories for the N2840A, N2841A, N2842A, N2843A, and N2853A passive probes.


  •  Retractable hook
  •  Adjustment Tools
  •  Insulating cap
  •  IC insulating cap
  •  Identification tags (green, yellow, purple, and pink) (2 each)
  •  Probe tips
  •  Ground spring
  •  BNC adapter
  •  Ground lead (12 cm)

Replacement accessories

  •  N2857A alligator ground lead (qty 2)
  •  N2858A retractable hook tip adapter (qty 2)
  •  N2859A replaceable probe tip (qty 2)
  •  N4826A dual lead adapter (qty 2)
  •  N4827A PCB socket adapter (qty 2)
  •  N4828A ground spring, 5 mm (qty 2)


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