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M9155/6/7C PXI Hybrid Switch Modules

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Data Sheet


Product description

Keysight Technologies, Inc. has been a leading designer and manufacturer of RF and microwave switches in the global marketplace for more than 60 years. RF and microwave switches are used extensively in microwave test systems for signal routing between instruments and devices under test (DUT).

Keysight designs and manufacturers a comprehensive range of RF and microwave switches to meet your switching requirements. Other than connectorized switches, Keysight also offers switch modules that operate across a broad frequency range and come in a variety of configurations.

With Keysight’s proven track record in switches (high performance, quality and reliability), these modules will provide a similar set of standards of high accuracy and repeatability for automated test and measurement, signal monitoring and routing applications.

The M9155/6/7C Keysight PXI hybrid switch module series operates from a frequency range of DC to 26.5 GHz. It is being used in applications such as Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), RF communications measurement and RF parametric measurements where a rugged switching module is needed in switching systems.

The PXI hybrid switch module comes in a selection of 3 models; the integration of Keysight dual SPDT switches, dual transfer switches, and a single SP6T configurations. These PXI modules provide an exceptional 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability, high isolation and low SWR with a long operating life up to 10 million cycles.


- Automatic test equipment

- RF communications measurement

- RF parametric measurements


- A readily scaled integrated switching solution to satisfy your unique platform needs

- 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability throughout the operating life

- Unmatched isolation of 60 dB at 26.5 GHz

- Soft Front Panel is available for each switch module

Customer values

- Peace of mind in switch technology from Keysight who has a proven track record of providing versatile, quality RF and microwave switches

- Reduce downtime for recalibration, improve testing efficiency and hence maximize throughput

- Maximize measurement accuracy and system flexibility

- The embedded graphical user interface ease the trouble shooting of your PXI systems


- A readily scaled integrated switching solution to satisfy your unique platform needs

- 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability throughout the operating life

- Typical operating life up to 10 million cycles

- Unmatched isolation of 60 dB at 26.5 GHz

- Soft front panel is available for each switch module

Connections are made via front panel mounted high quality RF coaxial connectors, 3.5 mm (f) or SMA (f) for 50 Ω.

The M9155/6/7C switch modules give you the most reliable and repeatable RF & microwave switching available in the market. Their applications are mainly in automated test equipment for example, RF communication, engineering verification and RF parametric measurement where low insertion loss and ultra high isolation are critical.

These modules provide individual cycle count trackings for each of the switch paths. Cycle count is incremented per each complete Open-Close sequence. The individual cycle count is user-retrievable, either via scripting or the Soft Front Panel. Engineers can use this feature for scheduled maintenance to reduce unexpected system downtime.

Easy Setup ... Test ... and Maintenance

Hardware platform


The M9155/6/7C is PXI compliant, using either a PXI-H, PXI-1 or cPCI slot. Designed to benefit from fast data interfaces, the products can be integrated with other test and automation modules in PXI, CompactPCI, and Hybrid chassis.

The PXI format offers high performance in a small, rugged package. It is an ideal deployment platform for many automated test systems. A wide array of complementary PXI products is currently available. Products include multimeters, waveform generators, local oscillators, digitizers, and switch multiplexers.

Software platform


Keysight‘s switches come complete with software drivers for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and LabVIEW. Also included are application code examples for LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Studio, C, C++, MATLAB.


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