Column Control DTX

U3400 Series 4½ and 5½ Digit Digital Multimeters

Data Sheets

The U3400 Series digital multimeters (DMMs) come with functions vital for your everyday measurements: DC, AC and AC+ DC voltage and current, 2- and 4-wire resistance, frequency, continuity and diode tests.

Math functions dBm, Min/Max, Relative, Compare, Hold and Percentage** are also available to ease your measurement analysis.

Not only are the U3400 Series built robust for lasting reliability over the long haul, these DMMs also ensure dependable measurements with up to 0.012% basic DCV accuracy.

Efficient Testing With Dual Display and Selectable Resolutions*

Dual display on the U3400 Series lets you view two parameters simultaneously as you measure, and further enhances your troubleshooting tasks. For example, the ability to see both AC voltage and frequency simultaneously would help you to measure the frequency response of amplifier circuits more efficiently and effectively. Refer to Page 3 for more typical dual display combinations and applications.

Up to three measurement speeds are available on the U3402A: Slow, Medium and Fast. This means greater flexibility in catering to different testing needs: a faster measurement speed at lower resolution or a higher resolution at slower measurement speed.

Physical Security

Your instruments may be at risk of theft or misplacement whenever you leave them unattended on the bench. With the U3400 Series’ rear Kensington lock slot, you can secure your DMM and be assured that it is where you expect it to be for your continued testing the next day.


  • Up to 120,000 counts resolution
  • Up to 0.012% basic DCV accuracy
  • 11 basic measurements and up to six built-in math functions
  • Dual display on bright VFD
  • Selectable resolutions for variable measurement speeds*
  • Kensington lock slot security


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Column Control DTX